Mellow Fellow: The Bar on the California/Nevada State Line

Unfortunately, this bar closed in 2018

This small bar in Kings Beach, close to the water of Lake Tahoe, is an excellent spot for a snack and a beer after a long day of exploring the area. The best part about this bar though, is that it is pretty much “unofficially” split down the middle of California and Nevada. I say unofficially because the state line is a little difficult to nail down, but right outside the bar is a sign welcoming you to Nevada when heading east and California while heading west. Here is all the information if you want to have a snack and drink in two different states.

Mellow Yellow-6


  • Cost: ~$10-12 for a drink and pretzel
  • Location: 9980 N Lake Blvd, Kings Beach, CA 96143
  • Information from my visit in 2016

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When you cross over into California from Nevada on Highway 28, you will see the small building called Mellow Fellow.

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I went in the winter, so the outdoor tables were covered with snow and not in use. The interior was warm though, and the staff was inviting.

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If you like beer, then the over 20 beers they have on tap will be a welcomed sight for you. They even let you have a splash if you want to see what one tastes like before you commit.

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They also have a food menu that has sausages with all sorts of different meats, ranging from Elk to Pheasant and a lot of pub foods like soft pretzels. I went with the smoked apple gouda sausage and a pretzel. Both come with your choice of honey mustard or spicy mustard, and both mustards are delicious.

Mellow Yellow-4

I was happy with the sausage I ordered as it was flavorful and well cooked. The mustard on top sealed the deal for me. Also, the pretzel was a great addition if you just wanted something to munch on while having a drink. It’s nothing to write home about, but it is good enough.

Mellow Yellow-3

All in all, it is fun to be able to visit a spot like this that is right on the state line of California and Nevada. With such a big beer list, a warm staff, and good food to munch on, it is an easy recommendation for a stop in Kings Beach.

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