Page One Cafe in Ontario

I know the list for good library cafes is probably pretty short, but Page One Cafe has a special place in my heart as a fun place to take a study break, have a beer, and a cup of the impressive red bell pepper soup while at the Ontario Library. Here is the info, side note it is not associated with the library other than sharing the same door, and this information is from 2014. This may be closed now, let me know if you know in the comments.

Page One Cafe 8


  • Inside of the Ontario library
  • Food ranges from 8-10 dollars
  • Hours: M-Thur 7:30 am – 7:00 pm, F-Sat 7:30 am – 5:00 pm
  • I wrote this post in 2014

If you are not from the area, you would never know this place existed. Located right inside the Ontario Library, it like a little escape in the sea of books.

Page One Cafe 2

The cafe is modern and clean and has a menu that ranges from quesadillas to sandwiches. This is not a traditional deli though, as the food is prepared much better then you would expect, and you can tell there is attention to detail with every plate.

Page One Cafe 5

Amie got the black bean quesadilla, and it was a total winner, good flavor with mango salsa, and sour cream on the side.

Page One Cafe 6

I got the turkey avocado sandwich and a cup of red bell pepper Gouda soup.

Page One Cafe 7

The sandwich was fine, but nothing special, the soup, however, was terrific. It had a robust red pepper taste with small flecks of cheese to perfectly balance the taste. I highly recommend it and would consider coming back just for it.

Page One Cafe 1

They also have a great selection of six-seven craft beers with two on tap, and wine so you can take a nice study break and enjoy a drink.

Page One Cafe 3

All in all, this is a fun place for a meal, especially while at the library! I wouldn’t recommend it as a single destination, but if you pair it with Logan’s Candies or merely an excuse to browse the books for sale at the library, then I think it is a great place to go.

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