Ruddy’s 1930’s General Store & Museum in Palm Springs

If you are looking for something out of the ordinary to do when you visit Palm Springs, look no further then a trip to Ruddy’s General Store and Museum. This fantastic little spot is designed to look exactly how a general store from the 1930’s would look, complete with products, food and other antiques from that time period. Here is all the information.

Ruddys General Store-11


  • Cost: .95 cents
  • Hours: Closed in the summer, September – May: Open Thurs – Sun: 10AM – 4PM
  • Location: 221 S Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262
  • Parking: Can be found along the street


Ruddys General Store-10

In 1983, Jim Ruddy purchased a museum in the midwest which had a collection of Depression-era products and merchandise. He took the more than 6,000 products he then had and used them to create this fun museum in downtown Palm Springs. Every detail from the showcases, fixtures and signs are authentic from the time period. In 2003 he donated the entire museum to the city of Palm Springs.

The Museum

Ruddys General Store-1

After parking along Palm Canyon Drive and walking along the downtown drag of Palm Springs (more info on my favorite spots downtown here), make your way over to the small one room museum known as Ruddy’s General Store.

Ruddys General Store-8

Make sure to have a one dollar bill for your entrance fee, which is a steal to visit such a fun spot like this.

Ruddys General Store-5

I found myself talking to the women who was working there for 15 minutes as she was a fantastic resource on both the museum and the area itself.

Ruddys General Store-9

After which I just started to browse the small one room store and see all of the fun little trinkets and antiques they had on display. Here are a few photos.

Ruddys General Store-7

Ruddys General Store-4

Ruddys General Store-5

My favorite thing I saw was a box of candy bars which I knew the names of but did not know the original style and look of, you can see the picture below. It is experiences like this that make this spot such a fantastic 15 minute attraction in the city.

Ruddys General Store-6

All in all, I highly recommend you visit Ruddy’s when you are in Palm Springs, paying 95 cents helps keep this museum running so that more generations can visit it. Let me know your favorite thing you saw in the comments.

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