Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park in Chico

The Bidwell Mansion State Historic Park is a great spot to spend a few hours touring an immaculate recreation of the historic home from Chico history. The house itself is only open for tours and you cannot go inside without one. You can however walk around the grounds and see the carriage shed and architect,s […]

Donut Nook: Chico’s Top Rated Donut Shop

I’m always in search of the best donut I can find, so on my trip to Chico I did a little research and found that Donut Nook is the best rated spot in the area. I set my GPS and made my way over to Donut Nook with high expectations, here is all the information.  […]

Honey Run Covered Bridge in Chico

Unfortunately, this bridge was destroyed in the 2018 fires. As you know I love bridges, just last week I wrote about all of my favorite bridges in California here and only a week later I am already adding one more to that list, the Honey Run Bridge in Chico. This covered bridge is located about 10 […]

Burgers and Brew in Chico

Downtown Chico is a fun college town with a lot of hip eateries as well as shopping and of course Sierra Nevada Brewery. On a recent drive through the area I got to stop at Burgers and Brews and it was so good I needed to write a post on it to tell others. Details […]

Sierra Nevada Brewery in Chico

With only 30+ years in existence, Sierra Nevada Brewery in the heart of Chico has transformed into an empire. This transformation is evident from the moment you pull into the parking lot and notice that it takes up every bit of an entire city block just to house all its components. But when you enter, it […]

Floating the Sacramento River in Chico for Labor Day

One of the biggest events for young people in Chico each year is the annual Labor Day river float. This event has as many as 4,000 people floating the small stretch of the Sacramento river near Scotty’s Landing and it always seems to be a crazy adventure. I decided to try it with some friends […]