Snorkeling with the Leopard Sharks in La Jolla

During the last few months of summer, leopard sharks descend on the cove of La Jolla for the warm water which helps them to speed up the birthing process. This is an amazing natural phenomenon and one that you can experience for yourself with a snorkel, if you feel like you can handle it. I […]

Kayking La Jolla’s Sea Caves with Everyday California

California is full of awesome places to explore, but one of the funniest water adventures you can have in Southern California is kayaking in the La Jolla Cove. I have done this four times now, both with a group and on my own and each time I saw something new. This particular experience was with […]

Children’s Pool La Jolla: The Best Spot For Seals Viewing

Oh La Jolla, how you constantly capture my heart! I have been to the Children’s Pool half a dozen times and the walk from Scripps Park to the cove itself is still one of my favorites. It reminds me of the Sunset Cliffs in San Diego, while not as majestic but still equally beautiful. When you […]

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography in La Jolla

As part of the Scripps Institute of UCSD, Birch Aquarium is a fun and always changing way to explore the sealife and work that they do at the institute. They have tons of different kinds of fish, special exhibits and photo galleries that you can peruse. It is a great spot to bring the family […]

Sunny Jim’s Cave & Store in La Jolla

One of the many unique things you can do on a trip to La Jolla is head into Sunny Jim’s Cave. This fun attraction is a store that has a 143 step man made tunnel built into it that heads down to a large sea cave below. Since the early 1900’s it has been giving visitors access to this […]

Mt Soledad: Cross and Memorial Above La Jolla

When I heard about Mt Soledad from this guest post on my site I added it to my list to check out as I am found of crosses atop mountains like Mt Rubidoux and Grant Park. This cross even looks over the La Jolla coastline, which is one of my favorite beaches in California and it […]

Flying in a Biplane Over La Jolla

Over the weekend I got a chance to check off a bucket list item right here in San Diego, flying in a biplane. These early 1900’s planes just ooze awesomeness, and being able to ride in an open cockpit and feel the wind in your hair while flying through the air is a truly an […]

La Jolla: San Diego’s Best Kept Secret

Since I myself am based in Southern Califronia, by far the easiest sites to travel to for me are the ones in the southern part of the state. San Diego, Los Angeles, Palm Springs, etc are all within two hours from my house. Because of this I often find myself making my way down to […]

Kayaking the Sea Caves of La Jolla with La Jolla Kayak

This past weekend a couple friends and I went down to San Clemente to spend the weekend camping, surfing and hanging out by the camp fire. However, not content to stick to the norm we decided to go in search of a new adventure which brought us to the fine folks at La Jolla Kayak […]