Refugio State Beach

On a trip up Highway 1 you will probably notice the three State Beaches located between Santa Maria and Santa Barbara. I have always wanted to see what they had in store so I stopped by Refugio State Beach to soak in the sun and sand one summer day. This beach is literally a quarter […]

Tupelo Junction Cafe: Amazing Breakfast in Santa Barbara

Update – This spot is closed as of November 2017 During our coast road trip, Amie was really excited about trying a little cafe on State St in Santa Barbara called Tupelo Junction that she had heard about. It was supposed to have great food with a small country atmosphere and that is right up […]

Bird Rock off Laguna Beach

This large rock that juts off the North side of Main Beach in Laguna is a beautiful example of the habitats that shore birds live on and is part of the California National Coastal Monument. The California Coastal National Monument is a collection of 20,000 small islands and rocks off the coast that are protected and […]

California State Parks: List by County

Since California has so many state parks I figured I would create a page which lists them all and then links to the posts I have made on the different parks I have been able to visit. I would love to get to all of these one day, but until then hopefully it will help […]

Baklava Land in Duarte: A Heavenly Sweets Shop

This is a short post to document the amazing place I stumbled upon in Duarte while visiting REI. I was driving down the street and saw the words baklava out of the corner of my eye. Those words alone are enough to make me do a double take as I have a special place in […]

Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach: California’s Best Clam Chowder

I am a huge fan of the San Luis Obispo / Pismo Beach area of California. Not only are they quaint beach towns but they have a laid-back vibe and a great community of people and adventures that will get you excited to wake up every morning when visiting. However, no trip to this area […]

Lengthwise Brewery: A Great Food Pitstop in Bakersfield

I stumbled upon Lengthwise when I was hungry on the way to Yosemite and went looking for a meal in Bakersfield. It had good enough reviews on Yelp so I figured it was worth checking out. I didn’t know what to expect when I pulled up to the industrial area that held the keg lined […]

Charcoal Kilns of Death Valley National Park

The Charcoal Kilns of Death Valley are located on the West side of the park in an area that is only accessible via a four mile dirt road that is often only be passable via a vehicle with high clearance. These kilns are also in an area so remote and away from the normal attractions […]

Alabama Hills Cafe: Best Food in Lone Pine

Throughout the summer I have actually spent a good amount of time in the small Central California city of Lone Pine. I went fishing in Horseshoe Meadows, climbed Mt Whitney, toured the Alabama Hills and just explored what the town had to offer. For such a small place it really does have a lot of […]

Surfin Donuts in Mission Viejo: Maple Bar Breakfast Sandwich

Surfin Donuts is a donut shop that makes a breakfast sandwich or a hamburger using any of the donuts they have in the shop as the buns. Do I really need to tell you more than that to make you want to go? Still here? Ok, we will continue. Surfin Donuts is located right in the […]