Bistro Jeanty: Upscale French Cuisine in Yountville

In a town full of fantastic eateries, Bistro Jeanty wins the award for most locals telling me to eat there. Time and time again when I asked people where to eat, this small French restaurant kept coming up. I tried it on my first night in town and I was impressed by the food, staff, and […]

Hurley’s Restaurant: A Californian-Mediterranean Eatery in Yountville

Update 2018: This restaurant has closed. While Yountville is full of great options for food, Hurley’s is my go-to spot for California cuisine. Located right across the street from the popular V Marketplace, Hurley’s has been making great food since 2002. The menu itself is incredibly unique with highlights being any of the wild game […]

Biking to Wineries in Yountville with Napa Valley Bike Tours

If you are looking for a unique way to get active while in the Napa Valley, while still trying some fantastic wines, I would recommend considering a bike tour. Whether self-guided or with a group, biking through Yountville and exploring the region and its many trails makes for a great half or full day adventure. […]

Domaine Chandon: Sparkling Wine & A Stunning Winery in Yountville

In the Napa Valley, sparkling wines are becoming more popular but nowhere near the popularity of their still wine brethren. Domain Chandon is changing this though with a beautiful winery, a huge following of people anxious to purchase their wines and a unique wine making process that creates an easy to drink yet elegant sparkling […]

Bell Wine Cellars: One of Yountville’s Best Wineries

One of the things I love most about Napa is when you find those wineries where they really seem to care about the beauty of wine and the uniqueness of how people experience it. I felt like Phifer Pavitt was one of those, and I am happy to add Bell Wine Cellars to that list […]

Bouchon Bakery in Yountville: Napa Valley’s Famous Bakery

There is a good chance you have heard of or been to this famous bakery in Yountville, which is the brainchild of Chef Thomas Keller. While is used to just be in Yountville, they have even expanded to locations in Beverly Hills, Las Vegas and New York now. It is one of those spots that […]

Bouchon Bistro: Thomas Keller’s Amazing Yountville Restaurant

No trip to Yountville is complete without visiting at least one of famed Chef Thomas Keller’s restaurants. There are three in the city, plus a bakery, and they range from extremely difficult to relatively easy to get into. French Laundry is the difficult one as it has been voted the best restaurant in the world […]

Lavender Inn: French Country Hotel in Yountville

If you are looking for a relaxed and beautiful spot to stay in Yountville, then look no further then the Lavender Inn. This historic house has a half dozen rooms built on the property and is a fun bed and breakfast only a stones throw from both the famous French Laundry and downtown Yountville itself. […]

Redd Wood: Stellar Wood-Fired Pizza in Yountville

Redd Wood is the second of two restaurants by acclaimed Chef Richard Reddington in Yountville. The other is simply called Redd and features upscale regionally inspired cuisine with ethnic influences. Redd Wood is an Italian eatery that features wood-fired pizza and is the subject of this post. It is a great spot for lunch or […]

Hot Air Balloon Ride with Napa Valley Aloft in Yountville

While in Yountville, one of the activities that I really wanted to do was riding a hot air balloon over the valley. I found a company called Napa Valley Aloft and booked tickets for a sunrise ride with my wife and I. It was a great experience with beautiful views and a unique perspective, here […]