Redd Wood: Stellar Wood-Fired Pizza in Yountville

Unfortunately, readers have let me know that this restaurant closed in 2020.

Redd Wood is the second of two restaurants by acclaimed Chef Richard Reddington in Yountville. The other is simply called Redd and features upscale regionally inspired cuisine with ethnic influences. Redd Wood is an Italian eatery that features wood-fired pizza and is the subject of this post. It is an excellent spot for lunch or dinner in the city, read on for all the information.

Redd Wood-1


  • $20-$30
  • Location: 6755 Washington St, Yountville, CA 94599
  • Information from my visit in 2016

Getting There

The restaurant is located at the end of Washington Street in Yountville, right off the Madison exit on Highway 29. There is parking along the street and right next to the restaurant in a small lot.

The Restaurant

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The restaurant is part of a building that shares its walls with the North Block Hotel. The exterior features a half dozen tables and subtle decor. The interior has beautiful tall windows that add a nice flood of natural lighting into the restaurant. The interior has a fun hunting vibe but with Edison lights and lots of wood tones. It’s a beautiful spot that is very welcoming.

The Food

Redd Wood-2

The menu was full of dishes I wanted to try, but here are the ones I settled on.

Redd Wood-4

Burrata – Served with grilled bread, the burrata is bursting with flavor thanks to the sea salt and olive oil. They added honey to the top as well, which brought a sweet taste to the creamy cheese. I always love burrata, and it was done well here.

Redd Wood-6

My wife and I each chose a pizza, but you could probably share if you are having appetizers as they are well portioned. The wood-fired pizzas have the perfect amount of char to add to the flavor without tasting burnt. The topping choices run the gambit from a simple tomato and basil pizza to a complex sausage, mushrooms, peppers, smoked mozzarella, and chili pizza. The later is the pizza I got, and it was fantastic. I recommend adding a farm egg to it as it makes the flavor pop.

Redd Wood-7

My wife got the four cheese, which had oregano, garlic, arugula, and four kinds of cheese. It had a considerable mozzarella flavor that is almost overpowering but great if you like a good rich cheese. The taste is balanced out by the light sauce, arugula and egg on top (if you choose to add it, which you should).

Redd Wood-8

Fingerlings – Small potatoes baked until they are cooked, taken out, smashed, then flash fried. Served in a cast iron with lemon aioli sauce. They are a superb side that is worth ordering.

Redd Wood-9

If you have any room at the end of the meal, order the cannolis. They are filled with chocolate, toffee, and ricotta, and they come three to an order. Three sounds like a lot, but they are small two biters, and are the perfect way to end a meal, trust me.

All in all, I loved my time at Redd Wood. The pizza was light and bursting with flavor while the burrata, fingerlings, and the cannolis rounded it all out, an excellent spot for lunch in the Napa Valley.

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