Banksy Street Art in LA (Los Angeles)

Banksy’s art often pops up around the world and whenever it does, it quickly becomes a sensation with people flocking to see it. While LA has had a few pieces of Banksy art over the years, this one is the easiest to still see as it is right on Broadway St. It used to be the wall that faced a large parking lot on S Brodway and W 9th St, but that parking lot was turned into a apartment building a few years ago and the famous painting is all but hidden now.

Where to find Banksy Art in LA

If you want to see it, you will want to head to the corner of W 9th St and S Broadway and then head towards Olympic Blvd. On the left hand side you will see a small alley and in the alley you will see Banksy’s work.

You can’t actually enter the alley unless you live in the apartment building but it is still pretty cool to see this piece on display. I last visited it in July 2022.

Here is an old photo that I took the first time I saw the piece, before the parking lot was removed.

Bansky in LA

Let me know if you know of any other Banksy pieces in LA in the comments!

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