Beetle Rock in Sequoia National Park

Beetle Rock is another good viewpoint in Sequoia National Park. It is accessed by a 3 minute walk from a parking lot, so this post is not very long. That being said, it is still a nice spot to check out, especially if you are already at the museum or Big Trees Trail.

Beetle Rock-4


  • .1 Mile
  • Park in the lot for the museum

After turning into the lot for the museum you can find a parking spot and head South to the small trail head to the left of where you turned in.

Beetle Rock-1

This trailhead will take you to Beetle Rock, which you can see through the trees from the trailhead. Beetle Rock is a granite slab that you don’t even have to climb up to you can just walk out onto it.

Beetle Rock-2

As the trailhead ends you will see the rock out in front of you. I walked out on it and took a few photos.

Beetle Rock-5

When I got back to the trail it said this spot is unique because of the way it changes when there is more or less smog. It was clear when I was there so I guess the smog was not present.

Beetle Rock-10

There is also a learning center near the rock as well, but it was not open when we were there.

Beetle Rock-9

After taking in the views we headed down the trail a little more, which took us to a different parking lot then where we started. After seeing that this wasn’t the right direction we just headed back on the small trail to the original starting point and to the car.

Beetle Rock-7

This hike can literally be done from car to car in less than 15 minutes. It is a great spot to check out though if you are already at the museum as it will give you another view of the majestic park. Let me know what you thought of the spot below.

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