Five Unique & Fun Wineries in Paso Robles

As you have no doubt noticed if you read this blog, I am a fan of finding the strange, fun, and unique spots when I explore. I have never been a huge wine person, so when I go to areas like Paso Robles, I look for the wineries that offer something else to go along with their wines. […]

Malibu’s Ten Best Secret Beaches

About 7 miles North of Santa Monica on Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll come across a sign that says, “Malibu, 27 Miles of Scenic Beauty,” and it’s true. Malibu is basically a 27-mile long beach stretching from Topanga State Beach in the South to County Line Beach in the North. Even though there are some incredible public […]

Best Bridges in CA: From the Golden Gate to Bixby, 15 of CA’s Best

As a photographer, my two favorite non-nature things to shoot are trains and bridges. I have written many times about trains here, here and here but I haven’t dived into my love of bridges quite as often. Really though, California has some of the best bridges in the entire United States, with many well-known ones […]

Best Places for Fall Colors in California

Now I know this list is by no mean definitive and there are others who may chronicle this better than me in the references at the end but I have traveled around California a decent amount and have seen a lot of epic fallscapes. For me, it doesn’t get better than the list below. Feel […]

Highway 395 Roadtrip Stops: Hikes, Food, Fossils & Lakes

Highway 395 is probably my favorite road in California. It is the road that parallels the Eastern Sierra’s and provides access to some of the best hiking, lakes and adventures you can find in California. I have driven the portion from Victorville to Reno many times and wanted to compile my top recommendations for stops […]

Best Day Hikes in California: From Easiest to Hardest

Since I already tackled my favorite Southern California hikes I figured I should expand to the best day hikes in all of California. The criteria I used for selecting these hikes were as follows. Does it provide something unique? Does it have a view that is hard to rival? Is it able to be accomplished […]

Strangely Awesome Shops in Los Angeles for Unique Gifts

We all know about Rodeo Drive and all the massive and expensive shopping in Beverly Hills, but what about all of the unique and strange shops that must be in a place as big as LA? Have no fear, I have collected just that for you to digest in this blog. From the shops filled […]

What to Do in the Mojave National Preserve: Hiking, Camping, Historical Spots

While not actually considered a national park, Mojave National Preserve is the third largest site ran by the National Park Service in the United States. Most people never get to experience how amazing it is, mainly because it’s so spread out and few get to see all it has to offer. From camping and hiking […]

Cambria: Food, Drinks, Lodging, Hikes & Sunsets in this Coastal Town

Cambria is often overlooked in the beautiful drive up Highway 1 due to it being so close to San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay in the South and Big Sur in the North. However, doing that is a bad idea as the city really is a hidden gem along the California coast, with so much […]

Fun Stops on the Drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas

The long stretch of road between LA and Vegas is basically a rite of passage for many a 21-year-old Californian. It takes about 4 and half hours (if you go the speed limit) and many believe it is just desolate desert with nothing to do. While a lot of the travelers just want the drive […]