Best Donut Shops in Southern California

I have had this post in my drafts for literally a year, I just love donuts too much, it is like trying to pick a favorite child. That is why this post has as many recommendations as it does and why it will probably continue to grow, but that’s not a bad thing, I mean […]

Best Places to Run in Southern California

So for the last three months I have been training for the LA marathon and raising money for clean water in Africa through World Vision (you can donate here if interested). In doing so I have been forced to look for places to complete my longer runs that are not just in my neighborhood, I […]

Pacific Coast Highway: Where to Stop on Your Road Trip

I have driven the entirety of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) through California twice and many sections multiple times. One of the questions I am most often asked is “What is the best place to stop along Pacific Coast Highway?” This question led to the creation of this post, in which you can learn about some of my […]

Salton Sea: Attractions, Art, Mud Volcanoes and Dead Fish

The Salton Sea is one of those really unique parts of California history that has changed a lot in the last century. Formerly a destination location for Hollywood’s elite to play at, now this park is a much more desolate and somewhat smelly place that gets a lot fewer visitors. In that, however, there is […]

The Big List of Strange, Fun & Unique Attractions in Southern California

I love visiting unusual places. They are often the places that have earned their spot in California history simply because the owner is trying to do something new. Whether it is a hike, a restaurant, or just a collection of odd things, this list is dedicated specifically to the unique stuff I visit in Southern California […]

Best Breweries in Southern California

Now I am by no means someone with an exceptional palette but I have braved many a donut shop or brewery on the hunt for my favorite. Since California is so big and I haven’t spent as much time up North as I would like, so I decided to constrain this list to the best […]

Idyllwild: Hikes, Food, Shopping, Lodging and Activities

Located in the San Jacinto Mountains, the small town of Idyllwild provides a nice escape from busy mountain towns like Big Bear. Boasting everything from hiking and outdoor activities to shopping and eating, Idyllwild has something to offer everyone. I have been here multiple times, so I decided to collect my must do hikes, food, shopping […]

Route 66 Attractions from San Bernardino to Rancho Cucamonga

Having lived most of my life in the Inland Empire, I was still oblivious to the fact that Route 66 pretty much runs right through my backyard. One lazy Saturday morning I decided to set out and see what I could find on a short stint down the historic road from San Bernardino to Rancho […]

Winter in Yosemite: Seven Things to Do

While Yosemite in the summer is one of the most amazing places in the world, taking a trip during the Winter can help you beat the crowds and see the untouched beauty of this magical park. If you are looking for a unique adventure and a beautiful place for photography then you need to add […]

Favorite Places in California 2012: A Year in Review

First of all, thank you to everyone who reads, interacts or subscribes to this blog I really appreciate it! I just posted my 200th review and welcomed over 200,000 people to the site in 2012, so I would like to think it is turning into a decent resource, if I do say so myself. I appreciate everyone who is […]