Queen Mary Haunted Encounters Ghost Tour

The Queen Mary is a very popular tourist attraction in the Long Beach Harbor that attracts people for many different reasons. Some come for the New Years party, some come to stay on a boat, and others come to dive into the ships haunted history. I had done a lot on the boat but had never […]

Amargosa Opera House: Death Valley’s Historic & Haunted Hotel

Death Valley National Park has a ton of amazing natural wonders in its vast expanse, but for man made attractions it is hard to beat the crazy, fun Amargosa Opera House. Located on the east outskirts of the park, this hotel and fully functional opera house is a must stop on any visit to the […]

Linda Vista Hospital: Night Visit to the Creepy, Abandoned Hospital

THIS HOSPITAL IS CLOSED. I went to this hospital for a dance recital where we were able to look around. I do not know when it will be open to the public again and do not suggest trying to find a way into it. If you see it open for an event though it is […]

Horton Grand Hotel: A Haunted, Historic San Diego Hotel

The Horton Grand Hotel is one of the most well-preserved buildings in downtown San Diego. Only minutes from the now famous Gaslamp District the Horton Grand was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1980 even though it is still a working hotel. I had the opportunity to stay there a few weekends […]

Whaley House: Most Haunted Place in America

From the moment I heard about the Travel Channel dubbed “most haunted place in America” I knew I had to check it out. This small house in Old Town San Diego has as many ghost stories as it does historical accounts and that does add up to a lot. So I grabbed my camera, and […]

The 5 Most Unknown Spots in San Diego

Consider this a challenge, San Diego. I am a non-native Californian. I have lived among you for a long time. I hate to say it, but I know more about your city and your county than any native. I’ve kept quiet about this for years, but when I saw this blog post on Josh’s blog, […]

Five Interesting Places in San Diego You Wont See in a Guide Book

Looking to avoid the usual tourist clap-trap that some spots in San Diego can entail? These five spots are fascinating places you won’t want to miss on your next trip to San Diego, California. Like the five weird places in LA post, these recommendations are a bit off the beaten track, but definitely worth the trip so […]

Shasta State Park: Ghost Town Near Redding

Located less than 5 miles from Redding city center, Shasta Ghost Town is the unique remains of one of California’s busiest towns during the gold rush of the early 1900’s,. The town itself has now become a state park and is literally on the highway that you would take to get to Whiskeytown Recreation Area. It is an […]

Winchester Mystery House In San Jose, CA

By far one of the strangest places I have written about on the blog is the Winchester Mystery House, built by the Winchester rifle fortune. The house is full of mazes, corridors, doors and windows that lead to full brick walls and even a door in a second story room that drops entirely to the ground outside […]