Queen Mary Haunted Encounters Ghost Tour

The Queen Mary is a very popular tourist attraction in the Long Beach Harbor that attracts people for many different reasons. Some come for the New Years party, some come to stay on a boat, and others come to dive into the ship’s haunted history. I had done a lot on the boat but had never checked out the Haunted Encounters Tour. On a recent adventure to stay on the ship, I decided to book the tour and see if I could find any ghosts, here is all the information.


  • Book in advance
  • 375 rooms on the ship, 50 of which they believe are haunted
  • B340 is supposed to be the most haunted room, and no, you cannot stay in it.
  • This information is from my visit in 2017 and again in 2019

The tour itself is an hour, and it leaves from the Promenade Deck. Here are a few of the spots that you visit on it.

Room B340

As I said above, this is the room that they believe is the most haunted on the entire boat. We were told that the ghost would pull covers off of people sleeping there and walk around in the room. It was said to have started after a man passed away in the room half a century ago.

Next, we went to a staircase where people have said they have seen ghosts wandering around as well, before making our way to the pool.

The Pool (you no longer visit this spot in 2019)

The reason that I went on this tour was to see the old pool, which is only accessible by taking this tour, so I was excited to enter this off-limits area. They keep the lights very low in here, and it adds to the creepy vibe of the old and rundown pool room.

The pool is fun to see, and it would have been amazing to see in its heyday. The ghost they believe is here is a girl named “Jackie,” and even though many people on our tour were excited about her, nothing happened.

I liked walking through the hallway out of the pool area as there were some old advertisements from when the ship sailed, and it was fun to see the history.

Engine Room (you now go here on your own, not with the tour)

From there, we walked down into the engine room and down to door number 13. This is the spot where another fatal accident happened, and they said it has become haunted. The ghost is a maintenance worker looking for his wrench.

Lastly, we visited the ship’s propeller, which was really cool to see. They have a room with clear water that shows you the propeller well. The area is supposed to be haunted by passengers on a boat that was hit by the props, but I just enjoyed seeing the massive prop up close.

Update 2019

In 2019, we visited a part of the ship’s hull that was not on the original tour. While I would have preferred to see the old pool room still, this was a fun part of the tour. You can see it in this video.

So did I see any ghosts or anything weird on this tour? No, I did not. That being said, it was a fun trip to see some of the more historic and off-limits parts of the boat. Let me know what you think of the tour in the comments.

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