Convict Lake Loop

Convict Lake in itself is a beautiful place to explore and a lake you will have a hard time leaving. There is so much to do there from hiking and fishing to just taking a boat out on the water. While there are many trails, the most popular is just the 3 mile loop around […]

Randsburg General Store & Cowboy Bob’s Antiques

One of my readers tipped me off to the Randsburg General Store which sells soda with phosphates just like they used to in the old days. It just so happened that I was heading up the 395 only a few days later, so I figured a little side trip to check it out would be […]

Mono Lake: Tufas, Alkali Flies and Shorebirds

Mono Lake is a unique circular body of water located at the bottom of a basin that has allowed water to collect for thousands of years but has no exit to let that water back out. Because of this, high levels of salt can accumulate, and the water is only able to sustain a specific type of […]

Manzanar Internment Camp & Relocation Center

When I was growing up in the public school system I remember learning about Manzanar and thinking about the harsh lives these Japanese Americans must have lived all of those years ago. It was a crazy story to hear as a child, about the forced relocation of so many families, and here I am 18 […]

Tioga Pass Road (Route 120): A Beautiful Summer Road Trip

Visiting Yosemite in the summer brings flowing waterfalls, beautiful views, lush meadows, and some of the best hiking the United States has to offer. While Yosemite Valley is where most of the main attractions are, a lot can be said for the often overlooked beauty of Yosemite’s High Country, accessed by the road that leads […]

Alabama Hills Cafe: Best Food in Lone Pine

Throughout the summer I have actually spent a good amount of time in the small Central California city of Lone Pine. I went fishing in Horseshoe Meadows, climbed Mt Whitney, toured the Alabama Hills and just explored what the town had to offer. For such a small place it really does have a lot of […]

Fossil Falls: Dry Waterfall on Highway 395

Located off Highway 395, about 40 miles south of Lone Pine, sits a desolate area known as Fossil Falls. There is one sign for it each way, and if you blink, you can miss it. However, if you take the trip out to Fossil Falls, I guarantee what awaits you down the mile-long washboard dirt road is […]

Alabama Hills: Movie Locations, Arches & Photography

The Alabama Hills, a recreation area located in the shadow of Mt Whitney and the high Sierras, was a favorite movie location for old Hollywood and a staple of more cowboy movies then you can count. Throughout the last century, the Alabama Hills have appeared in hundreds of films with even a recent Quintin Tarantino […]

Lone Pine Film History Museum: Cowboys, Guns & Stagecoaches

During my time in Lone Pine, preparing for my trip up Mt Whitney, I had a couple of days to just explore the city and surrounding area. This was a good thing as I had no idea how much cool stuff this small town had to offer. From the Alabama Hills to the Lone Pine Film History Museum, […]

Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills

When Amie, Zac and I went to Mt Whitney for our fateful summit, we spent the entire weekend hanging out, taking in the beautiful surrounding Lone Pine area and exploring the Alabama Hills. The Alabama Hills are the site where hundreds of cowboy movies were filmed over the last century, and you can read all about them […]