Rainbow Falls: 100 Foot Waterfall in Devils Postpile

After visiting Devils Postpile, I decided to chance a quick hike to Rainbow Falls just as the grey clouds were starting to roll in. I didn’t know how long I had, but I was already there, so it was worth a try. This 1.5 mile each way trip leads you to one of the best waterfalls in the area, a 100-foot tall cascade that falls over the rocks into a pool below.

Rainbow Falls 10


  • Located off stop 9 is the trailhead for 1.5 miles each way
  • From the Devils Postpile trailhead, it is 2.5 miles each way
  • 10 dollars to get in the park (as of 2014)
  • I wrote this in 2014

Rainbow Falls 16

I set out on the trail which meanders through a lush forest with tall trees before it starts it’s steady decline down towards the falls. This is a reverse hike so you will be walking down most of the way, it’s uphill the whole way back.

Rainbow Falls 3

About .4 miles into the hike it started to pour on me. I was committed and had my rain gear, so I just kept heading on.

Rainbow Falls 2

As you descend, it continues to get prettier and prettier before it opens up into a vast field of burnt down trees which is somewhat otherworldly. I was shocked by how beautiful this area was even in spite of the damage that was done to it from the fire. The fire did not stop the plants from coming through and showing their fall colors.

Rainbow Falls 1

After snapping some pictures, I continued downhill to the big sign that let me know I was in Ansel Adams wilderness.

Rainbow Falls 17

After a short bridge that crosses a creek, you will see a sign for .5 miles left to the falls.

Rainbow Falls 8

By this time it has started to hail on me. I pushed on soaking and started down the steps to the viewing platform.

Rainbow Falls 7

I turned to the right and there it was, Rainbow Falls.

Rainbow Falls 9

This waterfall is so beautiful, even in the low water year that I went on. It has multiple areas that all cascade down and land on the rocks jutting out to create a perfect picture.

Rainbow Falls 11

I sat here for a couple of minutes by myself with the rain washing over me just taking it all in. But as I was soaking through my hat, I figured it was time to get going and headed back.

Rainbow Falls 5

Going back was less eventful as the rain stopped all the way until I was back in the car when the thunder started to come in. It even snowed on us as we were leaving the park, but that is a story for another blog. Here is a video of another time I came and hiked at Rainbow Falls.

I loved Rainbow Falls and highly recommend it. Let me know your thoughts below.

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