Wild Willy’s Hot Spring Near Mammoth Lakes

If you are looking to explore a few hot springs on your trip up Highway 395, then be sure to set aside some time for exploration near Mammoth Lakes. Off Benton Crossing Rd there are no less than six different hot springs (probably more I don’t even know about) that you can drive / walk […]

Hot Creek Geological Site: Boiling Blue Water & Fantastic Sunsets

If you are looking to explore a little bit of Yellowstone on Highway 395, then look no further then Hot Creek Geological Area off Hot Creek Hatchery Road. Only 15 minutes south of Mammoth and right across the road from Convict Lake this is an easy and free spot that you absolutely must visit, especially […]

Whoa Nellie Deli: Best Gas Station Food on Highway 395

If I were to tell you that a gas station has one of the best meals on Highway 395 you would probably think I was crazy right? Well, that is what I am saying, as a trip to the Whoa Nellie Deli at the base of Tioga Pass Road is one of the best places […]

Law’s Railroad Museum: A Fantastic Step Back in Time

If you have driven up Highway 395 then you have no doubt seen the signs for Law’s Railroad Museum in Bishop. If you are anything like me though then you probably expected it to be a touristy trap that nickel and dimed you with a few historic items; however, this is completely wrong, Law’s is […]

Bodie State Historic Park: California’s Best Ghost Town

Bodie, California’s most historic and well-preserved ghost town, is just one of those spots that you have to experience for yourself. I will tell you the main details and how to get there, but pretty much this post will be photography documenting what I saw there and a huge recommendation to go and check it […]

Copper Top BBQ: One of the Best BBQ Joints in Cali

I love BBQ and even though California isn’t often one of the spots you think of when you think about BBQ, we still have a ton of great spots like Phil’s and Salty’s. Thus when I heard that a small BBQ spot in Big Pine was on Yelp’s best restaurants of 2014 list as number one […]

Statues of Highway 395: Social Commentary & Art in the Desert

While I was driving up the 395, just North of Grant, I saw something glimmer out of the corner of my eye. As I got closer, I realized it was a collection of statues in the middle of the desert. I didn’t have a chance to pull off on the way up, but I noted […]

Bishop Creek: Guide to Camping, Resorts, Waterfalls & Lakes

California is full of beautiful places and each one has its own unique style and draw, but I do have to point out that for me, the Bishops Creek area is one of the most beautiful places you can see in all of California. Here is my definitive guide to all the amazing things that […]

Rainbow Falls: 100 Foot Waterfall in Devils Postpile

After visiting Devils Postpile, I decided to chance a quick hike to Rainbow Falls just as the grey clouds were starting to roll in. I didn’t know how long I had, but I was already there, so it was worth a try. This 1.5 mile each way trip leads you to one of the best […]

Devils Postpile National Monument

One of the more iconic places in California, Devils Postpile, which used to be part of Yosemite, is a collection of massive rocks that seemingly jut out of the earth surface. This short hike is one of the most unique in an area that is filled with beautiful things. Details 10 dollars to enter .4 […]