Convict Lake Loop

Convict Lake in itself is a beautiful place to explore and a lake you will have a hard time leaving. There is so much to do there from hiking and fishing to just taking a boat out on the water. While there are many trails, the most popular is just the 3 mile loop around the lake. It is hard to believe just how much beauty you can push into 3 miles that is known as Convict Lake Loop.

Convict Lake Loop 24


  • 3 miles
  • 200 feet elevation gain
  • Parking on either side

Convict Lake Loop 26

For this trail you can start on either side of the lake but I think the South side is probably better as there is more parking.

Convict Lake Loop 28

The trail immediately drops down to the lake and follows the that path for about 59 yards before heading back up into the trees as it winds around. There are a lot of nice views here and it is good to be in the shade.

Convict Lake Loop 29

The trail the drops down and passes through and amazing area that is surrounded on both sides by aspens.

Convict Lake Loop 5

I love walking through here, especially in the fall when the leaves are turning.

Convict Lake Loop 4

From there the trail heads up onto a wooden platform that takes you over the creek for about a quarter of a mile.

Convict Lake Loop 15

You can jump off of this at any point and access the beach that is to the right for fishing.

Convict Lake Loop 19

I hopped off and opted to follow the creek up for about a quarter of a mile and ran into some deer.

Convict Lake Loop 18

I also saw a massive ancient bristle cone pine tree as well.

Convict Lake Loop 12

As you continue on the wooden planks there is a lot of great views.

Convict Lake Loop 13

After you get back on the trial you will be heading onto the other side of the lake for the walk back. This is also where the trailhead for the 4 mile hike back into the backcountry is.

Convict Lake Loop 3

This is where the views start getting uncontrollably awesome. As you walk back make sure you turn back to look every 5 minutes as the view behind you will continue to change and continue to get better.

Convict Lake Loop 24

You will also pass the big tree on the north side of that people told me is where they hanged criminals but that is not true.

Convict Lake Loop 14

After that you just continue along the trail until you hit the marina.

Convict Lake Loop 6

Here there is some history of the area so make sure to read if you are interested.

Convict Lake Loop 8

After that just proceed back to your car. Check out the rest of the pictures below and let me know your thoughts in the comments. If you haven’t been here you really need to go.

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  • Kristin

    Beautiful Trip! About how long did the 3 mile loop take you?

    • We stopped in the middle to fish haha, but I would say it would take about an hour to an hour and a half at moderate speed and not much stopping. There isn’t too much elevation gain so it is pretty smooth most of the way

  • shirley

    We were there a few years back. We hike at one point but I can’t remember where it was exactly but we came upon a beaver dam. Do you know in what exact area this is? We are headed back up there in a week and are taking our two grandkids and would love to show them the beaver dam.

    • Thanks for the comment! Unfortunately, I have no idea where the dam would be, sorry about that!