Filippi’s Pizza Grotto in Little Italy

While in Little Italy there is no shortage of great Italian food to partake in. That being said, when asking what is the best you will here time and time again the name Filippi’s as the recommendation for where to go. It is the quintessential Italian food place with a little store in the front and a home style kitchen in the back, all good things to see when entering and I arrived, sat down and got to ordering.

Filippis Pizza Grotto 9


  • Small place so not a ton of seating, prepare to wait during busy times
  • No real dedicated parking so prepare to search for that as well

Filippis Pizza Grotto 13


Filippis Pizza Grotto 4

The vibe of this place is awesome, it has a total Italian style and even the waiters that I talked to spoke with an Italian accent. They had these awesome jars which I forget the name of hanging from the ceiling which was fun and the typical red and white tablecloths that you would expect to see in a pizzeria.

Filippis Pizza Grotto 5

The Pizza

I decided to keep it simple and order a cheese pizza and I would say it was pretty much perfect.

Filippis Pizza Grotto 2

The bread was thick but not to thick, the sauce was not overpowering and the cheese was a perfectly layered on the top, all providing for an amazing flavor, that is not like a typical pizza you would order at home but I mean that in a good way. I am literally wishing I had this pizza again right now as I am writing this.

Filippis Pizza Grotto 1

The Store

As you are walking in or out of the restaurant you will no doubt walk through the small store. It has a ton of great stuff in it for making your own Italian feast at home.

Filippis Pizza Grotto 8

Literally everything from meats and cheeses to wine is available for purchase in this small store. I am sure it is great for them as they can never really run out of something in the restaurant!

Filippis Pizza Grotto 6

I really loved Filippi’s Pizza Grotto and I wished I lived in San Diego simply to be able to take people here and eat their pizza more. I know they have lots of locations but I would have to assume the atmosphere here is the best. Get directions below and let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Get Directions

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