Hydro Bikes in Long Beach for Christmas Lights

I freely admit I had never heard of a hydro bike until my mom bought us Groupons to go as a family for Christmas. I didn’t even know what we would be getting ourselves into as we pulled up to the quiet Long Beach dock for our 10 PM tour of the harbor, but man was it fun!

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 16


  • Tour is hour and half
  • Tours go four times throughout day
  • Christmas is an awesome time to go as it is lit up

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 6

After arriving and finding the area to check in, which is not easy to find at all but is behind the buildings out on the dock, we were given the orientation on the bikes and offered hot chocolate or apple cider. From there we were quickly boarding our bikes to start the tour.

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 14

The bikes themselves are nice and big, when you first get on you think they would be a little tipsy but you quickly realize how sturdy they are. They look like a regular street bike stuck on top of two narrow kayaks. They have both single and double bikes but there are only three doubles so get their early if you want one. Amie and I got singles and enjoyed them as it was nice to be in full control and not having to work together to steer.

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 10

The bikes themselves are very easy to use, they take a small amount of power to run and are fun to maneuver in the massive harbor. That being said the turning can be a little thought if you are in a tight spot, but on this trip you would really only get in one willingly if you did.

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 7

The tour sets out across the harbor where it runs by a row of almost 60 Christmas trees that float here. They are really nice to see and dot the landscape in front of you to provide a Christmas spirit. You can even see the first one tucked away in a little harbor that is all red, white and blue lights.

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 8

From here the tour heads down through the canals and under 5 bridges. This is where it gets really beautiful. Just going through the canal on its own would be nice but with the Christmas lights it is a massive hit. The canals run for about a mile and loop you back around to the main drag, but not before showing you some gems like the below (excuse the iPhone camera).

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 3

Once you complete the canals you will slowly meander back to the dock where you started, completing your hour and a half trip and about 2 and a half miles of biking. It is nice though as they do not rush you and you can take your time and see the lights on the way back.

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 5

The biking itself is not to hard, but if you are not a biker you will feel a little burn, it is mostly from just sitting on the seat and peddling for an hour and half. I think most people should be fine doing it though as it is surprisingly easy to get the bike going over the water.

Hydro Bikes Long Beach 4

All in all that is a super fun way to spend the holidays, and of course it is much better to experience in real life instead of through the lens of my iPhone. If your family likes adventure then they really need to check out this place. You can see my video on the experience below.

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