Knapps Castle: Hiking Santa Barbara’s Famous Mansion Ruins (Closed)

As of 2020, this hike is private property and is now closed. It is being rebuilt and is no longer open to the public. This information is just for historic purposes.

Knapp’s Castle is a very popular hike in the hills above Santa Barbara, both because it has fantastic views and because it is less than a mile round trip. As of 2020, the hike is on private property and it is no longer accessible to the public since it is being rebuilt. I left this post up to show what it used to look like though.


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  • This information is from my visit in 2017

The Trail (No longer accessible and now private property)

After parking along the road, you will want to walk past the gate and start down the dirt road. I went on a weekend, and there were a dozen or so other cars all parked there enjoying the hike.

The hike is all downhill on the way there, so naturally, it is all uphill heading back. Just remember that if it is a hot day as there is not much shade.

As you hike downhill, you will start getting better views of the canyon and hills in front of you. It is a pretty spectacular place spot for photography, especially at sunset. After turning the corner, you will see the ruins come into view.

These ruins are from a house built by George Knapp, founder of Union Carbide Chemicals, in 1918. The house stood until 1945 when it burned down in a forest fire and was never rebuilt.

The Ruins

The ruins here show that the house must have been pretty impressive with its vast floor plan and marvelous view.

There are at least four fireplaces that you can find around the ruins. It reminded me a bit of the Wolf House in Sonoma County.

The most impressive part of the ruins are the arches though.

Accessible via a broad set of stone stairs, the arches are still standing tall and are a photographers paradise on the property.

There is a lot to explore though, so make sure to take your time and see it all.

Down from the main ruins is another room with a fireplace. The tree sitting outside of the room had a little rope swing on it, which lots of people were enjoying. Be sure to be careful if you go on it.

After exploring the ruins, make you way back up the half mile trail to your car. If you make it all the way up here, consider taking the short drive to Chumash Painted Caves State Park as well. It won’t take you longer than 10 minutes to see, but it’s still a fun little side trip.

All in all, I enjoyed Knapp’s Castle and can’t wait to check it out again in the future. Let me know if you have been in the comments.

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