Where to see the Kobe Bryant Murals in Los Angeles

Like every Southern California kid now in their early 30s, I grew up watching the Lakers and admiring Kobe Bryant’s basketball prowess. I was shocked when I heard of the helicopter crash that claimed his and his daughter’s life and the lives of seven others. His life impacted many people, and artists from all over Los Angeles have been creating murals around the city to honor that legacy. I got a chance to visit 20 of them and I decided to document the murals in case other people wanted to visit them or so that people from around the world could see the beautiful works of art put up in Los Angeles for this icon. You can get the location of each mural and links to the artists below. The murals are in order that we saw them over one full day of driving around LA.


  • If you want to support the families who lost loved ones in the helicopter crash, consider donating to MambaOnThree
  • Note that parking can be challenging at some of these spots
  • These are approximate addresses, you may need to look around a little to find them.


Here is a video I made visiting all the spots as well.

Mural 1

Mural 2

Mural 3

Mural 4

Mural 5

Mural 6

Mural 7

Mural 8

Mural 9

Mural 10

Mural 11

Mural 12

Mural 13

Mural 14

Mural 15

Mural 16

Mural 17

Mural 18

Mural 19

Mural 20

These murals are continuing to pop up around the city so be sure to be on the lookout when driving around LA. Let me know what your favorite mural is in the comments.

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