War Dogs Memorial at March Air Force Base in Riverside, CA

On a recent trip to March Airforce Base, I stumble upon the little gem known as the War Dog Memorial. I was completely unaware that this memorial existed, but being a dog lover, I figured I would check it out.


  • I visited in 2014
  • Location: 22550 Van Buren Boulevard, Riverside, CA 92518

The memorial itself is in a prominent place between the parking lot and the entryway to the March Air Field Museum, and it features a large bronze statue of a dog with his handler in Vietnam.

All along the ground are plaques of the people who donated to the statue and a paw showing what it was for. There are apparently three of these memorials, one here in Riverside, one in Guam, and another in Georgia.

Inside the museum is a little area dedicated to what War Dogs is as well. When I was there, there was a serviceman with his dog watching the documentary and checking out the area; it was a cool sight to see.

There are signs and pictures showing these dogs in action and the documentary playing on repeat. There is also a neat area that has a collection of medals and awards given to the dogs and their handlers.

It is a delightful little fact to know that this memorial exists here in Riverside of all places. I probably wouldn’t go check it out on its own, but if you are stopping by the March Air Field Museum (which you need to do), then you should for sure see the memorial.

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