Monrovia Canyon Falls

This is one of those waterfalls I knew nothing about until I heard about it through a friend who had this area as his most underrated in California in this interview we did. I knew that if it fit that bill for him it must be worth checking out. Located only 5 minutes off the freeway this beautiful park provides a gateway into a land that feels unlike the city beneath it. While this is just one of the many trails here it was a nice escape, one that I wish I could hike in more often, and the waterfall itself provides a beautiful end destination.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 16


  • 5 dollars to park, you can park outside on the street but why not support this park with the small charge
  • 3 miles round trip and abut 400 feet of elevation
  • Located close to Market Grill, a great place for lunch

When we got there at 11 on a Saturday the upper lot was full so these directions are from the lower lot but I believe the upper lot is much closer.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 2

The initial climb for this trail is the steepest part as you rise above the tree level to get along a small ridge that you will hike on for the first half mile. The trail itself winded in and out of shade which provided for some amazing views of the trail and the foliage such as this one.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 4

This area reminded me a lot of something you would see in the movie Jurassic Park, as it was really beautiful and lush for Southern California. The dam in the distance with the trees rising up next to it provides unique view that I really enjoyed.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 3

From here you continue to wind around the ridgeline for about a quarter of a mile before descending into the forrest below.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 6

Here the trail meets up with the trail from the upper lot (I think that trail is around .7 miles to the falls if you start from there) and it continues up at a steady pace through the man made water run offs and lots of lush forrest.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 10

I really loved walking through this area and I cherished the shade on the warm spring day.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 8

After 15 minutes we were at the base of the falls.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 9

The Waterfall

This waterfall really does look better in real life then it does in photos. The drop itself is around 25-30 feet even though the photos look like it is less then that.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 1

It was not to busy at the falls which provided ample time for me to try some long exposure shots and slow the water down a little bit.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 19

The waterfall does not have much of a pool at the bottom as it was starting to dry up as we head into warmer days, but the moss and plant life with the slow flow of water made for a great place to have some lunch and just relax.

Monrovia Canyon Falls 14

I thought this was a great waterfall, sure it was trumped by Fish Canyon Falls that we saw earlier in the day but since this one is accessible year round that makes it all the more awesome.

Check out the rest of my photos and my directions below, and make sure you have time to relax and take it all in if you make the trek out there.

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  • ADKinLA

    So glad you dug it, Monrovia is one of my favorite parks and you can see why in these great pics!

    • Ya man nice recommendation! Can’t wait to spend more time there

  • Beth

    We love this park! We would even go over a long lunch.

    • That’s awesome you are so close! I wish it was closer to me as well. Thanks for sharing the photos!