Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House in Agoura Hills

Tavern 101 Grill & Tap House is one of those spots that just begs to be included on your next road trip. With a logo that resembles Highway 101 and a location right off the freeway, Tavern 101 is the perfect place to stop for an easy good meal. Here is all the information. Details: […]

Twisted Oak Tavern in Agoura Hills: Home of Hogzilla

The Twisted Oak Tavern is one of those spots that I wish I had gone to earlier. From the atmosphere to the food, everything has been prepared in a way that makes it easy to approach and fun to visit. Add to that the unique menu which includes things like the Hogzilla (full pig head) and […]

Homewood Suites Conejo Valley Hotel Review

If you are looking for a good jumping off point in the Conejo Valley area of Augora Hills and Thousand Oaks, then the Homewood Suites is a great spot to consider. These rooms are massive and make you feel at home with full kitchens, a couch and even a desk. I could have stayed for […]

MASH TV Location Hike in Malibu Creek State Park

Southern California is literally choked full of amazing movie locations you can explore. I have written about some of my favorite ones in LA here, but it is not often that you get to combine a beautiful 5 mile hike with the added fun of seeing a filming location for the top watched TV finale of […]

Tifa Chocolate & Gelato in Agoura Hills

When I was traveling through Conejo Valley I posted a few pictures on my Instagram and got an immediate comment that said “you must go to Tifa’s for gelato (hat tip to user DevonOfTheShire for the suggestion). Not one to shy away from new places I added it to my list and made the stop for […]

Hugo’s Restaurant: Healthy Food, Green Tea Lattes & Heavenly Sticky Buns

I don’t even know where to start when writing about Hugo’s, it is like every other traditional diner yet completely unlike every other diner as well. Their menu options may look the same but their food is thought through and tweaked to a level of detail you would not expect from a traditional restaurant. They strive […]

Paramount Ranch: Old Movie Town & Westworld Filming Location in Agoura Hills

Update Nov 2018: Unfortunately this property was lost in the Woolsey Fire. Tucked in the same hills of Malibu that house the magical Old Place Restaurant and the massive Hindu Temple, Paramount Ranch is a unique cowboy town that was created for the movies. Paramount Ranch is a free park that you can drive up […]

Old Place Restaurant: Amazing Steak & Cinnamon Rolls in Agoura Hills

I love breakfast food. I could literally eat it for every meal of the day. From donuts to cereal to eggs and bacon, it is all good. So when I get a tip that there is a good breakfast place, I have to check it out. Even if the aforementioned place is hidden in the […]

Peter Strauss Ranch in Malibu Hills

Update Nov 2018: Unfortunately this property was lost in the Woolsey Fire. After arriving for breakfast at the Old Place Restaurant I was greeted with a 45 minute wait. I walked outside to sit down then noticed there was a historic park literally right across the street. One that even housed the largest swimming pool […]