Bishop / Mammoth Creek Hot Springs List Off Benton Creek Crossing Road

If you are looking for a fun adventure in the area between Bishop and Mammoth, then consider the vast array of hot springs that can be accessed within a short drive from the road. Sure there are more hot springs around the area than just these, but these are some of the most popular and […]

Law’s Railroad Museum: A Fantastic Step Back in Time

If you have driven up Highway 395 then you have no doubt seen the signs for Law’s Railroad Museum in Bishop. If you are anything like me though then you probably expected it to be a touristy trap that nickel and dimed you with a few historic items; however, this is completely wrong, Law’s is […]

Best Places for Fall Colors in California

Now I know this list is by no mean definitive and there are others who may chronicle this better than me in the references at the end but I have traveled around California a decent amount and have seen a lot of epic fallscapes. For me, it doesn’t get better than the list below. Feel […]

Bishop Creek: Guide to Camping, Resorts, Waterfalls & Lakes

California is full of beautiful places and each one has its own unique style and draw, but I do have to point out that for me, the Bishops Creek area is one of the most beautiful places you can see in all of California. Here is my definitive guide to all the amazing things that […]