Artist Palette & Artist Drive in Death Valley National Park

The Artist’s Drive in Death Valley National Park is one of the more unique things you can do in the area. The drive takes you through canyons and past mountains, many of which are covered in loads of fantastic colors. It’s crazy that Death Valley has so many things that are completely unique in the park like […]

Dante’s View: Death Valley’s Best Viewpoint

Death Valley is the land of stark contrasts and amazing experiences. It can be hard to appreciate fully but when you visit a place like Dante’s View you can’t help but be blown away by how impressive this area is. Situated more than 3,000 feet above Badwater, Dante’s View gives you an almost bird’s eye […]

Mesquite Flat Sand Dunes: Best Sunrise Spot in Death Valley

Death Valley National Park is a variable playground for the landscape photographer. Both Zabriskie Point and Dante’s View are absolutely spectacular for sunset and while they are good for sunrise as well, the light is coming from behind you so it is not as epic. Enter the Mesquite Dunes as one of my favorite places […]

Amargosa Opera House: Death Valley’s Historic & Haunted Hotel

Death Valley National Park has a ton of amazing natural wonders in its vast expanse, but for man made attractions it is hard to beat the crazy, fun Amargosa Opera House. Located on the east outskirts of the park, this hotel and fully functional opera house is a must stop on any visit to the […]

Zabraski’s Point: One of the Best Sunset Views in Death Valley

Zabraski’s Point is one of the best spots in Death Valley National Park to see a sunset, and at only 15 minutes drive from the main Furnace Creek area of the park it is a spot that you can easily get to and enjoy. It also looks down on the end of the Golden Canyon […]

Hiking Telescope Peak: A Photo Guide

Telescope Peak, the tallest mountain in the Panamint Range, is a hard but doable hike. Coming in at around 14 miles round trip is gains about 3,000 feet of elevation before topping out at over 11,000 feet at the summit. Starting from a road that is inaccessible without 4 wheel drive this peak is a […]

Charcoal Kilns of Death Valley National Park

The Charcoal Kilns of Death Valley are located on the West side of the park in an area that is only accessible via a four mile dirt road that is often only be passable via a vehicle with high clearance. These kilns are also in an area so remote and away from the normal attractions […]

Golden Canyon Hike in Death Valley & Star Wars Locations

The most popular hike in all of Death Valley National Park is the hike through Golden Canyon. At a little over 3 miles round trip, depending on where you stop, this hike gives you a great view of the unique beauty Death Valley has to offer. It has gaping canyons, massive boulders, waves of plantless terrain and even a large […]

Scotty’s Castle: The Mansion of Death Valley

A trip to Death Valley is full of adventure, nature and desert. There are thousands of acres of bleak and hot country, abandoned mines and ghost towns, yet right in the middle is a mansion that was built almost 90 years ago and is called Scotty’s Castle. I can’t stress how strange it is to see a […]

Ubehebe Crater and Little Hebe in Death Valley

Ubehebe (pronounced YOU-bee-HEE-bee) Crater is a giant crater located near the northern part of Death Valley National Part. It is the starting point of the dirt road that leads to some of Death Vally’s best spots such as the racetrack, lost burro mine and teakettle junction; however, the crater itself is worth a trip to in […]