California State Fair in Sacramento

The California State Fair is held annually during the summer in the California state capital, Sacramento. This massive fair features rides, shopping and all of the deep fried food you can imagine (deep fried watermelon anyone?). I like going to the LA Fair each year, so I was excited to get a chance to go […]

20 Things to Do in Sacramento

Sacramento is the state capitol of California, and while it is not one of the state’s most popular tourist attractions, it is still a great place to explore with a lot of fun adventures. Here is a list of my 20 favorite spots in the city, be sure to leave your favorite in the comments. […]

Sutter’s Fort State Historic Park in Downtown Sacramento

If you grew up in Northern California, then you have no doubt visited the historic Sutter’s Fort as a kid on a field trip. However, if you are Southern California kid like me, then you may have never seen this fort until becoming an adult. I visited for the first time when I was 30, […]

Fox and Goose Public House in Sacramento

Located in downtown Sacramento, the Fox and the Goose is as close as you can come to a traditional English pub without leaving the country. Everything from the decor to the bar has been designed to create that particular pub atmosphere. It is a bloody good place for a meal or a drink, and I […]

Tower Cafe: Best Breakfast in Sacramento

The Tower Cafe is one of the best places to eat breakfast in Sacramento. It knows it, as it has thousands of reviews and a line every morning when it opens but it is a well deserved accolade. Everything from the old tower column rising from the antique theater to the beautiful outdoor seating makes […]

Mother Restaurant: Vegetarian Food for Meat Eaters in Sacramento

Mother describes itself as “great food that just so happens to be meatless,” and I couldn’t agree more, this fantastic little spot in downtown Sacramento has some of the best food I have had in a long time, and it just so happens to be vegetarian. Here is all the information on this spot. Details […]

Sierra Valley Museum of Medical History in Sacramento

When I was exploring Sacramento, I attempted to visit Sutter’s Fort but it happened to be closed for renovations when I was there. Since I had time to kill before my plane I scoured the internet for something else to do and stumbled upon this unique medical museum. I headed over to check it out […]

California State Railroad Museum: One of the Best Train Museums in the USA

There’s just something about trains that always makes me excited. Maybe its the human ingenuity of creating these massive monsters, or maybe it is the steam-powered beauty that can be seen in every unique car. Either way I never pass up a opportunity to see them, be it at the Orange Empire Museum, Laws Railroad […]

The California Museum in Sacramento

As an avid traveler of California, I was apprehensive and excited about visiting the California Museum in Sacramento. I feel like all of my time spent with this state has made me protective of the beauty it holds and I was not sure what to expect when visiting the museum that is dedicated to its […]

The Federalist Public House: Best Pizza I Have Ever Eaten in a Shipping Container

Located in a few hollowed out shipping containers near 20th and N street sits a fantastic and eclectic pizza and sandwich shop. Complete with picnic style seating and full bocce ball court, the Federalist Public House is not your normal pizza spot and that is a good thing. As you approach you will no doubt hear […]