Trinidad Head Lighthouse Memorial

In the small fishing village of Trinidad, the entire town is a National Landmark, sits a small but beautiful lighthouse. This lighthouse was moved off the hill nearby it to its current location and overlooks stunning coastline while it stands as a serene monument. It is a great 15 minute stop during a road trip and I highly recommend it for sunrise or sunset.

Trinidad Lighthouse-11


  • Free to park
  • The memorial is open all day


Trinidad Lighthouse-5

Originally located on the top of a large mountain West of the town, the lighthouse did not have to be very tall in order to be seen. This is why it was made so small, unlike the large one at Point Arena. In the 1940’s a replica of the old lighthouse was built on the bluffs in the city and was called the memorial lighthouse, this is the one that I saw on my trip.

The Lighthouse

Trinidad Lighthouse-3

After driving through the small town I parked in one of the few parking spots near the lighthouse itself. There were only a couple people here during the early morning that I went and it was an amazing time to see the coastline and lighthouse in this light. 

Trinidad Lighthouse-6

Even though the lighthouse itself is not big it is still a vintage treasure that harkens to the days when these lights kept sailors alive. 

Trinidad Lighthouse-2

Around the lighthouse is a small trail, an anchor and a memorial to those that have been lost at sea.

Trinidad Lighthouse-7

I was there on a particularly rough time of the year for the weather and the waves were violent against the shore below.

Trinidad Lighthouse-8

I could even see boats out there making their living fishing and I was immediately impressed with the dedication and fearlessness these captains put into getting their job done.

Trinidad Lighthouse-9

Right when I was getting ready to leave the clouds started to open and shone down on the rocks that collect along the coastline. It was majestic and I took more photos than I needed to. Here are some of them:

Trinidad Lighthouse-13

Trinidad Lighthouse-12

Sometimes you even need to capture it with your iPhone.

Trinidad Lighthouse-14

Lighthouses are one of the best things to visit along the California coast and the Trinidad one is no exception. It is well worth the stop and I highly recommend it.

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