At Last Cafe: Long Beach’s Hidden Diner

Another one of the gems I found on a late night Food Network fix was At Last Cafe in downtown Long Beach. This small, almost hole in the wall, restaurant is something that you would easily pass by if you saw it for the first time. However, doing that would be a real mistake, as this place is completely amazing. Check out the video from the food network then dive into the review.

The Atmosphere

At Last Cafe is on an off street in downtown Long Beach, near apartments and houses more than the hustle of the city. That being said it can be hard to find parking if you come at night as there is no parking lot, just the street parking available to the residents and fought over by the other restaurants in the area. One member of our party had to park a half mile away. The restaurant itself is very unassuming and has a quaint little home-grown type of feel. It is small with seating for less than 50 people I would think and I recommend reservations if you are going for dinner.

The Appetizers

Since we had a big party of five we decided to try a couple of the appetizers as well. We tried the artichoke appetizer and the mushrooms polenta (I believe this is what it was called, don’t quote me). They were both good but the mushroom one was amazing. I would recommend that if you are a fan of mushrooms as the artichoke left a little to be desired.

The Entrees

The food is the real star of this restaurant and even I was shocked at how good it was. There were 5 of us that went, which allowed everyone to get a good sampling of the different options, check out the menu here. We tried the brick chicken, mac and cheese, beef flat-iron steak, tomato and basil omelet and the pork chops. As you may have seen in the video the pork chops are one of the specialties and let me tell you that is what you need to order. It was above and beyond better than anything else on the menu, and I don’t even like pork chops much. My friend Kirby ordered it and I wished I would have followed suit because it was amazing.

Alternatively, the Mac and Cheese was probably the second best thing on the menu, it had a good rich flavor that was not too overpowering.

The brick chicken was also a good option, but really nothing compares to the pork chops. I would drive to Long Beach just to eat it again.


The prices are relatively good here. It is around 8-10 dollars for a meal, which is a steal for food that is as good as this. The atmosphere could use a little overhaul though.

So if you are in Long Beach around dinner time, you could do worse than giving At Last Cafe a try. The pork chops alone are worth the price of admission. I give At Last Cafe a solid rating and would recommend you check it out. Get directions and check out the photos below.

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  • Crystal

    Great review Josh! Now I want to go back & order the pork chops for myself 🙂

  • DO NOT EAT AT THIS FILTHY RESTAURANT! What I experienced just now in
    their restaurant I have never even witnessed in my 35 years of living in
    Southern California.

    Upon walking in I was told to sit
    anywhere that’s clean. I understand that they didn’t have a hostess but
    to be told to by Cesar the waiter to sit anywhere that’s clean, means
    that you could care less where I sit. Once I sit I ordered a lemonade
    but switched to Orangade by the waiters recommendation. I was brought a
    lemonade. That’s OK. Then when our food came one of the plates had a
    hair in it. Its OK just take it away. But as they take the plate, me
    and my guest notice that Claudia the salad prep is denying the fact that
    its a hair and is calling it a cucumber vein. Meanwhile she is not
    wearing gloves or a hair net. They have an open kitchen so Claudia the
    salad prep keeps on giving our table and my guest dirty looks. Very
    disrespectful for simple lunch guests. I was on a business lunch with an
    up and coming jewelery designer. Simple business lunch. Food is not
    even the objective. Business was our objective.

    Then as I’m
    finishing my meal I pull a six inch black hair out of my mouth. OUT OF
    MY MOUTH!!! I tell the waiter and within seconds my table is being
    bombarded by menacing staff acting aggressively towards us. So without a
    gripe or demand I asked for my check, paid it and walked out the door.
    As I was in front of the restaurant talking to a girl who lives in my
    building, the bigot owner and head chef John McLaughlin stormed out the
    back door and yellled loudly in the street for me and my guests to “go
    do drugs or something”, when we are all drug free, in front of my
    neighbor to witness. Then he hastily and angrily approached us and had
    to be held back by Cesar his waiter.

    It was literally so
    offensive to us that it felt like something out of a civil rights
    movement and then, to actually have to pay for it. I have never been
    treated as poorly as i was by any restaurant or any business ever in my
    life and by the staff at the At Last Cafe. It was literally something
    out of a redneck movie from the 50’s. DO NOT AT HERE!!!! THEY ARE