California Donuts in Los Angeles: Serving Panda Donuts 24 Hours a Day

I love donuts so much that I even like seeing pictures of donuts that I am not eating. This is how I stumbled on California Donuts on Instagram and had been following them for a few months before I even got a chance to visit them myself on St Patricks Day. They do a great job of building the hype with their awesome instagram photos so needless to say I was pretty excited for what was in store for me.

California Donuts-8


  • About 2 dollars a donut
  • Open 24 hours
  • Not a lot of parking

The spot itself leaves a little to be desired but it is LA so that is how many shopping centers are.

California Donuts-9

After finding a spot in the super small lot I walked up to the window to see all of the green donuts in time for St Patricks Day. Being that it was a special day the first choice I made was the green Lucky Charms covered donut.

California Donuts-1

The other one I selected was the blueberry toast crunch which just looked too unique to pass up. 

California Donuts-6

My wife went with the Panda donut which is a popular one on Instagram and I can see why, it is just fun to see. 

California Donuts-2

She also picked the cookies and cream which was the same as the Panda donut in taste as far as I could tell.

California Donuts-4

There were a ton of other good options there as well that I will have to try on another trip. 

California Donuts-5

Lastly they had a selection of croissant donuts which I didn’t try but also looked good.

California Donuts-3

All in all this is another fun donut shop in a city with a ton of fun donut shops. I would say it is a little more pricey then others but it has a lot of fun flavors so it is fun to give a try. Let me know what your favorite is in the comment.

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  • I ordered a dozen for my birthday karaoke party – I ate a bite of every one but I can’t remember which one was my favorite – it was that kinda night…

    • Haha, thanks for the comment! Glad you had a good birthday party and that you enjoyed the donuts as well!