Nickel Diner: LA’s Diner and Donut Haven

I like donuts. I have posted about them many times on the blog. So when I heard that I may have missed one of the best donuts Southern California had to offer I knew I couldn’t let that be true for long. Enter the Nickel Diner. Located in the heart of what LA calls ‘the […]

The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena Review

The Slaw Dogs is another one of those gems I stumbled upon when browsing restaurants from Television shows, and let me say I was happy to have found it. With only a couple years in business The Slaw Dogs in Pasadena has been able to create an experience that caught the interest of food critiques […]

Slaters 50/50: Most Eclectic Hamburgers You Will Ever Eat

Slater’s 50 / 50 has come highly recommended to me by at least half a dozen people. It was a small local establishment that has recently added two more restaurants and is converting people every day to its eclectic hamburgers that specialize in the crazy. On my way back from Orange County I decided it […]

Umami Burger: LA’s Best Burger?

As you may have realized by now I am quite a fan of hamburgers. I go out of my way to find interesting new places that have done something creative with the tried and true beauty that is a good chunk of meat and a slice of cheese. I had been to Umami before and […]

Randy’s Donuts in Los Angeles

One of the staples of LA that is located right next to LAX is Randy’s Donuts. Randy’s Donuts has long been featured in movies and become a go to place for anyone visiting the area, not to mention locals that have grown accustomed to their well crafted donuts. At one minute off the freeway it […]

The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in Redlands

Like many others, I started this new year out with a diet; however, like all good diets, it had to eventually end. For me that end was Tuesday and the one thing I had been craving during the entire month of nothing but veggies was a nice slice of pizza. Enter The Gourmet Pizza Shoppe in […]

Schooner or Later Cafe in Long Beach CA

Over the weekend I headed down to Long Beach to check out the travel show. Having not spent much time in Long Beach I headed over to TVFoodMaps to see what restaurants were recommended by some of the best food shows on TV. From this list I narrowed it down to Schooner or Later which is right on the […]

Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens Review

As I travel around California, I am always on the look out for something that is completely unique. This is why I find so much enjoyment in places like Salvation Mountain or even the Lucha Libre Taco Shop. I feel that creating something that is cookie cutter is hardly ever worth it, that is why […]

Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop: Home of the Surfin’ California Burrito

When I was in San Diego a couple weekends ago, I was sitting in the hotel watching Man Vs Food while Amie was getting ready to go out and on comes the Lucha Libre Gourmet Taco Shop in San Diego. It has lucha libre wrestling gear as decorations, a champions table and the Surfin’ California Burrito (which […]

The Donut Hole, La Puente: A Drive Thru Donut

A couple weeks ago I was researching cool places to go in LA and stumbled upon The Donut Hole of La Puente. My sister is a huge fan of donuts so naturally I had to check it out and see if it was as awesome as the pictures made it seem. It is not everyday […]