Father’s Office: Epic Burgers in Los Angeles

As a huge fan of a good burger, I had heard about this place tons of times over the last couple of years. I never seemed to make it to Santa Monica and try it though until finally I happened to be in the area right at dinner time, and I got to give it a try. I have to say, it’s as good as it’s cracked up to be! Here is all the information.

Fathers office 2


  • Hours: Weekdays 5 PM – 1 AM, Weekends: Noon to Midnight
  • Lots of space at the Los Angeles one, not much space in Santa Monica
  • We were carded to get in
  • Location: 1018 Montana Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90403
  • I wrote this in 2015

Fathers office 1

This place is one of those order and go sit down places, but with service prices. That would be a problem if it weren’t so good. We ordered the sweet potato fries, barley salad, and the Office Burger with regular fries. It was a lot of food, but I wanted to give it a thorough review.

Fathers office 4

They also have an impressive beer menu with a ton of stuff I had never even heard of, which is always fun to try.

Fathers office 7

The sweet potato fries came out first and had a garlic aioli that sounded like it would be weird, but was awesome. The regular fries were equally stellar with just a hint of garlic.

Fathers office 6

The burger itself was one of the best I have had in SoCal, the main standout reason being that they had these grilled onions that were both smoky and sweet. I didn’t want it to end. The barley salad was good too; even though it looked small, it was pretty filling.

Fathers office 5

My only problem with Father’s Office is the price. It was not to bad for dinner but still a good 45 dollars for what we ordered (as of 2015). I think the food is worth it, but the prices will not allow you to go that often.

Fathers office 3

Be prepared, it is not easy to find seating in the Santa Monica one, so if you have a choice, I would probably go to Los Angeles location. It is right off the 10 Freeway and is a great place to stop and avoid traffic or to sit and enjoy a burger. Check it out and let me know if you agree or not in the comments

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