Comic Con 2012 in Photos: Costumes, Booths and Celebrities

Over the weekend I was able to indulge in my second nerdy pursuit of the last two months, first it was E3 (for video games) and this time it was Comic Con for comics and pop culture. As an avid comic reader I am a huge fan of the annual meeting of all things comics; albeit, in the recent years the Con has shifted its focus more to movies and pop culture then the comics it was built on, but you can still see a Storm Trooper patrolling a line, which means all is not lost.

A day at Comic Con goes like this: wait in really long lines for panels that you want to see, take in the awesomeness of the costumed people who line the convention center, and try to find the best deals on the merchandise you have been wanting to purchase. While it may not sound awesome, it is the recipe for a great time if you’re a fan of comics and pop culture like I am. Since I can’t really write things that haven’t already been said about Comic Con, I decided to simply showcase some of my favorite photos from the weekend. You can see the breakdown of the areas below or just scroll through the galleries and embrace the awesome.


This is by far the most outlandish thing about comic con, so no photo post would be complete without focusing on it. The people dressed in these costumes tend to pose as soon as you point your camera at them, which makes for amazing photos. Plus the creativity of some of these costumes are mind-blowing.

The Panels

The panels at Comic Con really do give you access to unique experience you would not have outside of the convention. I was able to see my favorite authors digest their comics in panels on Avengers Vs X-Men and Fables, while there were appearances from hundreds of celebrities representing all of the major motion pictures happening in the next year. Be prepared to wait if you want to see something popular but it is a really cool experience for a fan.

The Booths

Like many other conventions, one of the easiest ways to stand out is by having an awesome booth. Comic Con takes this to the extreme and has a lot of awesome eye candy for people in each booth. The Mattel booth had full wars being waged with their toys, the Lego booth had Lego Gandalf, Bilbo, Hulk and Darth Maul, and another booth had Kit from Nightrider. Check out the photos below.


Another popular area of Comic Con is the autograph area where you can pay to meet some of your favorite cult movie stars. It is always interesting who is represented there, but as I strolled by I saw everyone from the Soup Nazi of Seinfeld lore to Jaws from the James Bond movies. While cruising the exhibit floor you also never know who you will run into. I saw a line that was forming and it turned out to be for Robert Downey Jr announcing Iron Man 3, and another for Seth Green, creator of Robot Chicken and Dr Evils son in Austin Powers. If you are a comic fan like me you can also see a lot of cool writers and artists. I was able to meet one of my current favorites Scott Synder and have him sign a copy of Batman 1 from the New 52, and I also walked by Jim Lee. Check out these photos below.

For a fan of comics and pop culture Comic Con is a great place to spend the weekend, with many people traveling from all over to see it. Even if you just live in So Cal it is a great thing to experience at least once; however, if none of this sounds fun, then you may want to just enjoy the pictures. Make sure to leave me a comment and let me know if you were there!


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