Dk Donuts and Bakery in Santa Monica

I am a firm believer in the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover,” and DK Donuts 18 (apparently there are 17 others?) in Santa Monica is a perfect example of this. I pulled up to this donut shop after reading the favorable Yelp reviews, and when I arrived and saw the entrance, I immediately thought I was going to be lead astray.

dk donuts 1

While the exterior was not bad by any means, it just seemed like the traditional donut shops you see on every corner of your city, which have all of the regular stuff but nothing special; however, when I walked in, I was instantly set at ease.

dk donuts 2

The sheer amount of donuts that greet you is something amazing. There are three glass shelves filled to the top with donuts, and the variety is what got me excited. They had everything from the traditional staples to blueberry old-fashioned, twice dipped chocolate brownie donuts, maple bacon donuts, and Bavarian cream donut holes.

dk donuts 3

It took me a good 5 minutes to read all of the choices I had before I ordered, and I settled on the mini blueberry fritter and a maple bacon donut.

dk donuts 8

The best part about the ordering experience was when I selected maple bacon, and the lady asked me if I wanted to have it heated up. Heated up?! What is this heaven? I paid for my donuts and coffee then proceed to devour my warm maple bacon donut with a smile on my face.

Maple Bacon and Blueberry Fritter

The blueberry fritter was also great, and I would say on the donut scale of 1 to 22 this place is a solid 18.

dk donuts 4

The other great thing about Dk Donuts is that they have an extensive coffee section. I counted 12 different varieties, ranging from candy cane to chocolate raspberry. They also have like ten creamer options as well, which leads me to wonder why more shops don’t make this easy fix.

dk donuts 5

All in all, DK Donuts is great! In my travels in LA, it has to be in the top 3 donut places I have been to with Fonuts and Nickel Diner. Check it out if you are in Santa Monica and let me know what you think in the comments. Read more about my favorite donut shops here.

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