Fonuts: Baked Donuts in Los Angeles

I am constantly on a search for the best donut. I guess it is good that I am also always hiking or else I would most likely be severely obese by now. I have tried many places in Los Angeles, but when I was heading to Venice Beach I heard about Fonuts from a friend, I knew I couldn’t resist giving it a try. Fonuts is a small walk in donut shop in the heart of LA that sets themselves apart by baking their donuts instead of frying them, thus saving them from the traditional greasy taste. Since Amie is always on the search for a healthy sweet I figured she would be all about this place and I was right. From their decor to their flavors, they cater directly to fashionable and chic woman. The interior is designed to be minimal but to still have a “cute” look and the variety of donuts conjure up a beautiful symphony of flavors, leaving you wanting to try them all. But does it live up to the hype? Read on for my review.

The Decor

Fonuts is a donut shop that is designed to be a grab and go eatery. They have a small bar area with four stools for seating and that is about it. You can sit there if it is not busy, but most people will just stop here on their way to the next destination. They have a vintage stove in the corner that serves as the holder for all of the coffee condiments, as well as napkins and other necessities, and that is all that is in the store. I am told that minimal is in, in Los Angeles, so this decor fits the bill.

The Donuts

Obviously the stand out here is the donuts and Fonuts does not let down. Their collection of flavors are an amazing assortment of childhood favorites (peanut butter and jelly) matched with wild and interesting concoctions (chorizo and cheese).

For me though, all I have to see is the two words maple and bacon on a menu and I already know what I am ordering. For some reason that combination of sweet and salty fills my heart with joy. I immediately ordered it, and just to make sure the others were as good, I got a salted caramel, strawberry buttermilk (which they said is their most popular) and a rosemary olive oil.

Needless to say the Fonuts were fabulous. The standouts by far were the strawberry and the maple bacon. The others were good, but I would order something else instead of them next time I go. The strawberry and maple bacon are flawless though. A perfect combination of flavors that create a donut easily worth of the 3 dollar price tag.

After going here and the Nickel Diner I think I need to do a full day donut tour of Los Angeles just to see what else I am missing out on. Fonuts really is a great experience, you must give it a try. Check out the rest of the pictures below and make sure to leave a comment if you have another shop to recommend for me.

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