Heart Rock Waterfall Hike (Seely Creek Falls) in Crestline, CA

Heart Rock Waterfall, which is also known as Seely Creek Falls, is located in Crestline, CA at the end of a roughly 1 mile each way hike. The waterfall is beautiful as it drops around 25 feet; however, the true draw of this hike is the fact that the waterfall has an almost perfect cut […]

Sapphire Falls Rancho Cucamonga CA Hike Photos

This information is on the old trail that is now off limits. Read the last section to see where the new trail starts. Update August 2013: Multiple people have told me the trail is currently closed “due to high fire danger,” I have not been myself but figured I would pass on the info as […]

Bridge to Nowhere Trail: A Great Hike in Azusa

The bridge to nowhere is a great 10 mile round trip trail that follows a stream up to a bridge that basically sits alone. The bridge was initially built to be a road that connected Azuza through the mountains to Wrightwood. A road was built up to the bridge, but then the road was wiped […]