Charlie Brown Farms: The Roadside Shop that Sells Everything

Charlie Brown Farms, what is there to say about this place that can do it justice? It is the home of literally everything, from food to dinosaurs to shopping. It is Antelope Valley’s Largest gift shop, it has the worlds largest beef jerky and it can easily kill an hour of your life. If this […]

Hydro Bikes in Long Beach for Christmas Lights

I freely admit I had never heard of a hydro bike until my mom bought us Groupons to go as a family for Christmas. I didn’t even know what we would be getting ourselves into as we pulled up to the quiet Long Beach dock for our 10 PM tour of the harbor, but man […]

Randsburg General Store & Cowboy Bob’s Antiques

One of my readers tipped me off to the Randsburg General Store which sells soda with phosphates just like they used to in the old days. It just so happened that I was heading up the 395 only a few days later, so I figured a little side trip to check it out would be […]

Malibu Hindu Temple: Largest on the West Coast

While researching things to do in Malibu I happened upon the Malibu Hindu Temple, up in the hills near Calabasas. This temple is very unique and being that it was the biggest on the West Coast, I decided to stop by. Details Open every day of the year Weekday Hours: Summer 9-12:30 and 5-8 PM, […]

Wacko Soap Plant: The Los Angeles Shop For Strange Things

Wacko Soap Plant, the self-described “2nd happiest place on Earth,” really is an excellent example of the eclectic vibe of LA. Only 15 to 20 minutes from the glitz and glamour of Beverly Hills and 10 minutes from downtown Hollywood, this shop is more exciting to me then both of them are a majority of […]

Pioneertown: A Cowboy Town Created for Movies

I had the opportunity to go to Pioneertown 6 months ago but just found the photos that I took from the town. This day was full of adventure with Pappy and Harriet’s, Desert Christ Park and Tahquitz Canyon waterfall so it must have got lost in the shuffle. That being said, Pioneertown is great. Walking the […]

Madonna Inn – Eclectic Rooms, Amazing Food & Fountain Urinals

One of California’s most famous hotels is the Madonna Inn off Highway 101 in San Luis Obispo. This hotel prides itself on having no room the same, and the amount of weirdness present in the rooms are unlike any hotel I have visited. It has rooms wholly made of rock, rooms with nothing but pink and rooms […]

Desert Christ Park in Yucca Valley

One of the things I like about the desert is that you find a lot of things here that would not happen in big cities. The ample amount of cheap land allows the artist especially unique opportunities to create art in the stark contrast of the surrounding desert. A perfect example of this is the […]

Time Travel Mart and 826LA in Echo Park

Ever since I first heard about this place, I have wanted to check it out. I mean, how can you not love a store that tells you it is selling to all parts of time as an official time travel mart? When I walked into the store I got even more excited because I was […]

Grace Cathedral in San Francisco

In the center of the Nob Hill district of San Francisco stands Grace Cathedral, a beautiful old church which began its construction in 1928. Over the decades it took to make this cathedral, many different artists and sculptors came to help it along. It was finished in 1968 and stands as a stunning work of art that […]