Prehistoric Pets: A Reptile Zoo and Store

Now I have been to a lot of zoos in my life but I think Prehistoric Pets probably has more reptiles than any zoo I have been to. I was blown away but how much crazy stuff this small little place could hold as it has everything from 350 pound snakes to desert tortoises. Definitely a fun trip […]

Amoeba Music San Francisco

While not the original location, the Amoeba Music in San Francisco opened four years before the iconic Hollywood Amoeba location that I wrote about here. I love music and record stores, so when I was in San Francisco, I jumped at the chance to visit my second of the three Amoeba’s (now I just need […]

Endeavour Space Shuttle: California Science Center

After the major media hoopla that surrounded the Endeavour Space Shuttle flying to SoCal and making its way through the streets, it has now reached its resting place in the California Science Center on the USC campus. I had the opportunity to go visit the other day and really enjoyed my time there. Even though I wasn’t […]

Egyptian Theater: Historic 1920’s Theater in Hollywood

The Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles is the often overlooked brother of the historic Grauman’s Chinese Theater only a couple blocks away. However, overlooking this theater is not a good idea, as it really is a great place to see a classic movie. Details Only shows classic films Price is $11 a person No specific parking […]

Batman: The Dark Knight Exhibit in Los Angeles

One of the best things about living close to LA is all of the unique attractions, shows and events that funnel through the city. In honor of The Dark Knight Rises release on DVD, Warner Brothers created an awesome exhibit of Batman memorabilia from throughout the years and put it on display for a couple […]

Oso Creek Trail in Mission Viejo

I don’t find myself hiking within urban areas very often as I never seem to think they offer the same experience as the outdoors; however, I have found that even going on a walk close to your home can be a great experience. In Riverside we have the California Citrus State and after spending some time there […]

Mountain Biking at Big Bear Mountain Resorts

Throughout my life I have been a snowboarder, going multiple times every year and being crazy enough to even give myself a concussion trying to pull off jumps. Only recently did it occur to me that I have never even thought about what the resorts did when the snow season was over. Apparently after the […]

Wildhaven Ranch: Wildlife Sanctuary in Lake Arrowhead

I had heard about this interesting place in Lake Arrowhead where they have a wildlife sanctuary for animals mostly found in our area, so when I went up to see the Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout I figured I should go check it out. I had no idea what I was in for, but after going […]

Strawberry Peak Lookout

The Strawberry Peak Lookout is another gem I found simply by searching for a city + its attractions in Google. This outlook is open to the public seven days a week from 9-5 (during the fire season of Memorial Day to December) and provides amazing views of the area. In addition, I found that there are […]

Venice Canals: Walk Europe in Southern California

I will give full credit to Amie for finding this fantastic spot. I had never even heard about it till we checked it out last weekend and I have already added it to my Best of California list because it was such a unique experience. The Venice Canals are located right off 25th street in […]