Christmas Lights Walking Tour in Downtown Los Angeles

If you are looking for a fun and historic way to spend a cold Christmas night in Southern California then consider spending it with Neel and Dowtown LA Walking Tours. I love trying to find new things to do during Christmas time so when I stumbled upon this walking tour I figured it would be worth a try. Here is all the information.

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  • 2 miles of walking
  • 2 hours
  • Cost: $15
  • Parking at Union station $8
  • Book here

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This tour starts at Union Station so you will be parking in the lot there. The lot costs $8 for the entire day, and when I went on the tour we met Neel near the front of Union Station. The tour goes all through downtown and you end in Pershing Square, so you will need to take the subway back from Pershing Square after it is over, but Neel explains this entire process to you.

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I don’t want to spoil all the awesome spots you will see on the trip and the loads of historical information that Neel provides, but here are some photos of what we saw when we went on the tour.

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Downtown LA Holiday Lights-10

Downtown LA Holiday Lights-8

The tour is al walking so you should make sure to wear comfortable shoes, that being said it is mostly flat the entire time and the pace is good for most people.

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Downtown LA Holiday Lights-25

The tour walked through a lot of my favorite downtown LA spots like The Broad, Last Bookstore and Angels Flight while also introducing me to a lot of new spots as well.

Downtown LA Holiday Lights-21

Did you know there are still old air raid sirens in downtown LA? I did not before I took this tour.

Downtown LA Holiday Lights-7

After about 2 hours the tour ends in Pershing Square, which is the most festive thing you will see on the tour for sure. The square itself has a full ice skating rink, lots of Christmas lights and even some food trucks if you are lucky.

Downtown LA Holiday Lights-29

I would also recommend that you go up to the restaurant / bar called Perch (top of the building in the above photo) while you are there as it is a fantastic way to get a great birds eye view Pershing Square and the city itself. It is 100 feet from the entrance to the subway that takes you back to Union Station so if you are comfortable doing it on your own then it is a great way to end your night in LA.

Downtown LA Holiday Lights-30

All in all this walking tour is a great way to get out and get the blood moving in LA. There are not as many lights in downtown as I would have thought, but Neel makes up for it with the fascinating information he knows about the history of the areas you are walking through. Let me know if you have done anything like this in the comments.

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