Grauman’s Chinese Theater: Movies and Celebrity Footprints

I would put Graumen’s Chinese Theater as one of the quintessential Los Angeles landmarks along with the Hollywood Sign, but until recently I had no idea that the public could actual go on a regular day and see a movie there. It is a famous place where many of the Hollywood premiers are held and the site of the footprints of the famous that are forever stuck into the ground for  passers bys to marvel at; however, if you want the full experience you should really go see a movie in the beautiful and historical theater. I stumbled upon this on Groupon and now it is one of my top recommendations for interesting things to do in Los Angeles.

The Theater

Make sure if you are going to the theater you see the movie that is in the main auditorium as the other side screens are just a normal movie theater and lose a lot of the luster that comes with walking through the crowd and into the historic theater. For us the movie playing there was Revenge of the Titans but the movie doesn’t matter as much as being able to enter the theater and take in the history. The theater itself seats up to 2000 people and is stunning how big the inside really is.

The main lobby area of the theater is also unique as it has memorabilia and costumes from movies like Cleopatra to try to keep all of the history in the midst of the modern updates such as the snack bar.

When we were there, only about 25 people were in our showing that sat 2000 so we were able to get a good seat and enjoy the movie. The seats themselves recline, and the screen has a large curtain that opens to reveal the movie when it starts, much like watching a play.

After we finished watching the movie they came through with a tour. The guide stated that the first movie here cost 11 dollars which would translate to 800 dollars in our time and lasted all night. After taking some pictures and exploring we made our way out to the footprints

The Footprints

The footprints themselves have a lot of Hollywood significance and really are a cool thing to see and take pictures with. There are so many to see that you have to search to find the ones that are important to you. The modern pop culture ones such as Harry Potter (complete with wand prints) and Twilight are always super busy, but if you want to see the Stars Wars one like me then you can usually get a shot without other people. Check out some of the photos below.

I really can’t stress enough how much fun it is to see a movie in such a historic theater. I had no idea it would be as cool as it was and I am glad I was able to do it. If you go, make a full day out of it and visit some of the other Hollywood landmarks like the Hollywood Museum and Griffith Observatory  then grab a burger at Unami. Check out the rest of the pictures and make sure to leave a comment.

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