Judy’s Donuts in Oakhurst

I love trying new donut places, I’m sure I’ll eventually even create a category for them on here. So when I was in Oakhurst during my last Yosemite trip and stumbled on a donut place, I knew I needed to give it a try.

Judys Donuts Oakhurst 2

While Judy’s donuts seemed normal from the inside, I scanned the row of donuts to see if I could find something unique and BOOM a blueberry old fashioned crossed my gaze, hiding behind some sprinkled ones.

Judys Donuts Oakhurst 5

I immediately bought it and it really was a strong move. The old fashioned is always my favorite donut, so when I got to combine that with blueberry it created an amazing donut experience.

Judys Donuts Oakhurst 3

The rest of my group got donut holes, apple fritters and maple bars and all of them liked their donuts; but none of them compared to the blueberry old fashioned.

Judys Donuts Oakhurst 7

Judy’s Donuts is cheap to, for our group of 4 people it was less then 5 dollars for all our donuts and a couple coffees.

Judys Donuts Oakhurst 6

A wise person once told me, “If you are going to rate donuts, it must be on a scale of 1 to 22 cause 1 to 10 won’t do”. In their honor I will bestow Judy’s Donuts with a 16, for the shear fact that the blueberry old fashioned was a little slice of heaven.

Judys Donuts Oakhurst 1

If you are in Oakhurst looking for a quick and cheap breakfast, you can do worse then checking out Judys donuts.

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