Etiwanda Falls: North Etiwanda Preserve

With the hike to Sapphire Falls becoming harder and harder to easily get to, I wanted to spotlight some of the other close waterfalls that are just as awesome but less surrounded in legal problems. The first on this list is Etiwanda Falls above the Etiwanda Nature Preserve. Check out my review and how to get there below. Remember: Leave the place as you found it! We do not need graffiti here like at Sapphire Falls.

Etiwanda Falls 14


  • 5 mile hike with 800 feet of elevation
  • Street parking is free but can fill up fast on the weekends
  • Will get hot in the summer, and there is not much shade till you get to the falls
  • I wrote this post in 2015

Getting There

Etiwanda Falls 2

From the dirt parking area right near the Etiwanda Preserve sign, you will proceed north on the dirt path. This path winds around and passes the small information pavilion for the nature preserve, but you do not spend much time on the preserve trail as you are pretty much going around it.

Etiwanda Falls 3

When you get to the three-way fork in the road, you will be taking the trail in the middle, which heads up and past a roadblock. There was a painted sign when we were there, showing this was the path to the waterfall.

Etiwanda Falls 4

From here, the trail proceeds uphill the entire way. This is when it can get hot in the summer, as there is no shade on this trail. The footing is bare rocks, so make sure you are careful with your steps, but the road itself is wide and easy to follow.

Etiwanda Falls 6

You will hit another fork in the road, but you will want to stay right and go up into the small little canyon that is starting to form with water down the canyon to your right.

Etiwanda Falls 7

When you get to the top of this area, you will see the small drain that shows you are going the right way. When you get here, you are close to the falls. Continue up on the dirt road, and in about a quarter of a mile, you will see the top of the falls.

Etiwanda Falls

Etiwanda Falls 9

From here, you can explore the 15 foot waterfall and walk down the side to get a better view. Watch out though, as there is a massive drop at the end of the falls, which forms a more significant waterfall that is hard to get to and see.

Etiwanda Falls 13

The area above the falls is also stunning, with two brooks combining to funnel the water into the falls.

Etiwanda Falls 10

If you want to get a good view of the big falls you can walk down the steep dirt area about 20 feet back on the trail to get to its base; however, I would not recommend this as when I tried it was really steep and not very easy to manage since there is no real trail here.

Etiwanda Falls 12

Once you are done, simply proceed back the way you came, finishing off a great little hike that takes you to a nice little waterfall. If you want to go grab directions below and make sure to leave me a comment.

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