Black Cat Bistro: Upscale Eating in Cambria

As a foodie, I am always trying to find the best place to eat on my travels. Yelp usually helps me with that, but when the recommendation comes from someone who appreciates food as I do then I know I am in for a treat. Black Cat Bistro came highly recommended to me and in a city with many great options, I knew I had to pick wisely. We got a reservation on Saturday night, thanks to Victoria at Victoria’s Last Resort and settled in for the meal. Here is all the information.

Black Cat Bistro 1


  • Reservations are highly recommended on the weekends
  • Cost: $30-$40 a person for dinner
  • Hours: 5 PM – 12 AM every day except Tuesday and Wednesday when it is closed.
  • This review is from 2015 so some of the information may have changed.

Black Cat Bistro 2

I will start this review by saying this place is not cheap. If you are looking for a cheaper option, check out many of the other great Cambria eateries. If you are looking for good food though I can say that the cost is justified by the taste. The chef at Black Cat Bistro has an uncanny sense for taking things that do not seem like they would work well together and turning them into a mind-blowing dish.

While the menu does change with the seasons here is what I got.

Black Cat Bistro 4

The lightly seared Caesar salad appetizer. I cannot recommend this more, they take a head of romaine lettuce and sear it on the stove, then they add a ridiculously good lemon buttermilk Caeser dressing and a piece of bread with bacon jam. I am salivating just writing this, it was that good. Three out of the four people at our table ordered that and all would agree. it was one of the best and most unusual salads I have ever had.

Black Cat Bistro 5

The fourth person ordered the mushroom and sage gnocchi and loved the way that it tasted as well as its presentation.

Black Cat Bistro 6

For dinner, I went with the seared scallops that included corn pudding, tomatillo cream, micro cilantro, shiitakes, brown butter. I know it sounds strange but was mind-blowing. I savored every bite and was sad when it was over.

Other entrees at my table were the flat iron steak with quinoa and black beans and the fresh yellowtail ahi with fried rice. Everyone was happy with the selection.

Black Cat Bistro 8

Black Cat Bistro 7

The other thing I liked about this place was the beer and wine pairings that were recommended with each dish. I got the recommended beer and really enjoyed it.

If you are looking for a good place to eat in Cambria I highly recommend the Black Cat Bistro. The price makes it something I could not eat at very often but it was worth it and I am happy I got to experience it.

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