Pizzeria Mozza: Fantastic Specialty Pizza in Los Angeles

Often voted one of the best pizza places in all of Los Angeles, if not all of California, Pizzeria Mozza is a foodie mecca in LA. With a mouth-watering dough that is baked by La Brea Bakery and delivered daily, this small pizza shop is one of those places that you really need to experience for yourself, here is all the information. Note, I have been back here many times since my initial visit, and it is always fantastic.

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  • Cost: $20-$30
  • Hours: 12PM – 12AM
  • Location: 641 Highland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036
  • Information from my visit in 2016, 2018 and 2020

When you arrive at this small corner restaurant, you will want to quickly look for street parking. There is street parking available, but be sure to read the signs, so you don’t get a ticket. If you don’t find any, you can always pay $10 for valet parking right behind the restaurant.

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The interior of this spot is small and charming. They fit as many tables as they possibly can into the main floor area, and they have two full bars that you can sit at if you can’t get a spot. I do recommend getting a reservation in advance though, as this place can be bustling, especially on the weekend.

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The Food

The menu is full of things I can’t pronounce, but the wait staff is happy to explain all of the options to you, so you know what to pick, here is what I got though.

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Bread – Four small pieces of buttery olive oil goodness, so rich and so good. One of my favorite things here.

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Caprese – A small plate, but it comes out with tomatoes grilled on the vine and ample amounts of buffalo mozzarella. If you order this, you should do it with the above bread so you can spread it on. The cheese is full of flavor but not too creamy, I was really impressed. It’s an expensive Caprese at $14, but it’s an excellent way to start the meal, and I doubt you will feel like you were ripped off, especially if you are a fan of the popular dish.

For the pizza, it is all about the crust. The crust is light and airy with a great crunch. It’s not the type of pizza where you leave the crust on the plate as you will be surprised by how unique it is. We got two pizzas, which are around 10″ in size.

Pizzeria Mozza-5

Fennel Sausage – White sauce with home-made fresh sausage on it, and scallions and red onion to top it off. A delicious sausage that works well with the light cheese and onion. It’s good, but it doesn’t compare to the Brussels sprout one in my book.

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Brussels sprouts – Olive oil based sauce with Brussels sprouts, onions, and pancetta. It’s bursting with a sweet-savory flavor. The saltiness of the bacon it’s out of this world, and it is one of the best pizzas I have ever had. You have to order it if you go and you like these ingredients.

The last pizza that I highly recommend is the “Squash Blossom,” as seen above. This is one of the most popular pizzas here and it is what we get pretty much every time now. My wife is a huge fan of this pizza as a vegetarian and even though you might not have had something like it before it is certainly worth the try.

They also have quite a few popular desserts that you may want to partake in when you go, but I have not tried them myself.

I will say that this is a pricey dinner at around $60-$80, so make sure to be prepared for that if you go. That being said, I found it well worth my money as the food was excellent, and I am always incredibly impressed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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