RoboLights in Palm Springs: Craziest Christmas Light Display You’ll Ever Go To

If you follow this blog then you know I love anything that is slightly strange, so when Jill on my Facebook page told me about Robolights a few months ago, I had to see it for myself. If you are looking for a unique way to get into the Christmas spirit then you absolutely must go to Robolights, it’s like Tio’s Tacos times ten and mixed with Christmas. Read my updates from visiting in 2016 below. Also, as of 2019, this event is now closed for good and it is happening in Detroit this year, not Palm Springs.



  • $5 to enter
  • Hours: 4:30 – 9:30 PM
  • Open every night till Jan 3rd
  • Address:  1077 E Granvia Valmonte, Palm Springs, California
  • More Info and Official Page

Robolights 2016

Robolights 2016 is just as epic as it has been the last few years. Kenny Irwin has added more and more stuff for you to see and even though I have been three years in a row it was still just as exciting. Here is a video I made from my visit this year. Be sure to check the Facebook page above for more info though as the city has been trying to shut it down, so you want to check before making the drive out there, and the Facebook page has the most up to date info.

If you want to learn about previous years, keep reading as I kept all the information from my past visits below.

Robolights 2015

Robolights 2015-8

I am happy to report that Robolights in 2015 is just as good as it was the year before, if not better. If you want to read all about the history and what it is then head down to the 2014 section, here are some pictures and information about Robolights in 2015.

Robolights 2015-4

This year I got a chance to meet the man behind Robolights, Kenny Irwin Jr. It was great to be able to walk around and hear all about this unique and impressive spot from the person who created it; it gave me an entirely new appreciation for the work that goes into making it so fun. He builds these unique pieces of art from trash giving to him by neighbors and things he buys online. He told me he builds 10-12 hours a day, 350 days a year!

Robolights 2015-2

When I asked Kenny what was added this year, he said it was too much even to count. I found that to be true as I walked the property, there was a whole bunch of the things that I loved last year, but also a ton of new things that will keep you coming back each year.

Robolights 2015-6

I especially liked the displays you could interact with such as the arcade cabinet area and the large chairs.

Robolights 2015-5

In case you were wondering, Kenny let me know that he has no favorites, he likes all of the pieces that are here. We did spend a lot of time talking about the awesome microwaved pieces though, such as a microwaved microwave, which is ridiculously cool!

Robolights 2015-4

If you are interested in owning some original art from Kenny, he has a ton of great stuff that is for sale if you come during the day. I found the pieces to be super unique and enjoyed seeing them.

Robolights 2015-9

All in all Robolights is an experience not to be missed. Read on for all of the information from my first year there below, and make sure to add it to your list of spots to visit as well.

Robolights 2014

About Robolights


Located in the heart of Palm Springs, this 4 acre house plot is home to a whole bunch of crazy statutes during the year but gets adorned with 8.4 million Christmas lights during the Christmas season. It is the largest residential, private, Christmas lights display in the United States (say that five times fast).


From the moment you park and walk the street to Kenny’s (the creator) house, to the moment you leave, you will be assaulted with the most unusual lights display you have ever seen, in a good way.

The Lights


After being greeted by the staff and told the rules and info, I paid my 5 dollar suggested donation (paid by sticking it down a sink drain) and entered into the Sci Fi Christmas wonderland.


I won’t even begin to describe all of the stuff that is here as there is just too much to try to talk about, but I will share my favorite spots. Pretty much it is a blending of all the Christmas stories, aliens, reindeer, Santa, you name it, in one big outlandish and eye catching display. You could probably spend an entire day here and not see it all.

The Entryway


As you walk in you will be surrounded by lights and ushered into the festivities. It is a great way to start the trip.

The Aliens


Almost immediately you will see this strange display of aliens cheering on their alien santa and his robot reindeer.

The Mannequins & Toilet Animals

Robolights 2015-1


This large area was full of things to look at from mannequins to animal heads on toilet seats. It appears as if the mannequins are leading the sleigh.



This spot has a massive inflatable santa, one of the biggest I have ever seen and his sleigh.

The Solid Color Rooms



This area has these strange colored rooms that you can enter, the yellow one was my favorite. 

The Arcade


This area had painted TVs and a working arcade machine. I put in a quarter but it didn’t seem to respond to that even though the screen showed it playing though.

The Robots





All over the back area are robots, as the name implies. It is hard to pick a favorite of these creatures made from trash and spray paint but you can see some of them above.

The Roller Coaster

Robolights 2015-3

This section had a roller coaster that went across the top of the display and appeared with 25 foot sculptures surrounded by lights all around it. There was even a wheelchair on the roller coaster.

The Microwaved Section



This area had a ton of random stuff after it had been microwaved. They had iPhones, and Xbox one and even a microwave that microwaved another microwave, so meta. 


The Upside Down Elf


What can I say, I thought it was a cool find.

Here are a few more pictures:




Here is a video of my time there so you can get a better feel for the awesomeness.

Highest electric bill ever? I heard him talking to someone and he said it was up to $22,000 once before he started using LEDs!


Also as you exit they have a santa workshop which was one of the creepier spots but still had the awesome style of the rest of the show.


Lastly, make sure to take a stroll down the 35 foot long robot reindeer sleigh, it was really well-engineered and was a great end to the experience. 


All in all, this was worth the hour trip and the 5 dollars for sure. I can see myself going back each year as it is just such a crazy way to see Christmas lights and I am sure it is constantly evolving. If this sounds like fun then you MUST go, but if it doesn’t sound interesting to you based on this post then you should probably stay away as it is even more strangely awesome in person. For more SoCal Christmas spots check out this post here and please leave me your thoughts in the comments.

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