Biking the Hollywood Reservoir in Los Angeles

The Hollywood Reservoir is one of those places in Los Angeles where you can get out in nature and actually feel like you have escaped the city. Sure there are still million dollar homes around you, but the wide 3-mile path lets you wander around the large manmade lake while seeing unique views of the Hollywood Sign behind it. It is a popular trail for walking, running, and biking, but since I have been on the lookout for good bike spots lately, that is what I decided to do. Here is all the info.

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  • ~ 3.5 mile loop
  • 75 feet of elevation (mostly flat)
  • Free street parking
  • The trail is paved the entire way so it should be wheelchair accessible
  • Trailhead: Lake Hollywood Dr, Los Angeles, CA 90068
  • Information from my visit in 2016

Getting There

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There are technically three entrances to this loop trail, but the easiest to park at are on either Lake Hollywood Drive or Weidlake Dr. The one on Weidlake is a small dirt lot, and the one on Lake Hollywood Drive is street parking on an incline.

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Either one works, but this information is from the Lake Hollywood Dr direction. Also, be sure to note that this trail is popular, and it can be hard to find parking on the weekends.

The Trail

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After grabbing a parking spot and unloading your bikes, you can set out on the path. There is a large gate at all entrances that you need to walk around and which has lots of signs that look intense. There is a porta-potty here as well.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-3

The trail then continues for the next mile along a wide cement path. The left side is a 15-foot tall fence with massive trees that block most of the views.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-5

When there is a break in the foliage though, you can see the lake below and the Hollywood Sign at some unique angles.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-2

The trail continues winding through this area before you get to the Mulholland Dam.

Mulholland Dam

Hollywood Reservior Biking-8

From here, the trail gets incredibly beautiful as the massive fence that has been blocking your view melts away, and you can see the reservoir in all its beauty, including views of the Hollywood Sign with water in front of it.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-9

It is one of those views that people don’t normally think of when they think of Los Angeles.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-6

I spent at least 15 minutes here just taking in the views and admiring the area.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-7

When you cross over the dam, you will be next to where the other parking lot is if you decided to start there.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-12

From here, the trail begins to head back along the other side of the lake. This is my second favorite part because when you turn each corner, you get greeted with a unique view of the Hollywood Sign and the path below.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-14

I can easily see myself coming back to this spot for photos again. As you wind around the path, the fence will be back, so the view to your left will be blocked again.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-15

This is also where the path has a small amount of elevation gain as you go up a little hill to get a great view of the dam (seen above).

Hollywood Reservior Biking-17

The trail then ends at Lake Hollywood Drive, and you will be paralleling the road for the last uneventful half mile before you get back to your car.

Hollywood Reservior Biking-10

All in all, this a fantastic place to explore in Los Angeles, and it is a great biking trail where you can see a lot and not work too hard. I recommend you experience the trail, whether it is via foot or bike, and I guarantee you will be excited about seeing this unique part of Los Angeles yourself. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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