Downtown Napa Art Walk

Over the past two decades, the downtown area of Napa has gone through a massive revolution. With the construction they put in place to stop the historic flooding in the area, it turned the riverfront part of Downtown Napa into a beautiful space you can both walk and bike ride along. One of the best ways to experience it is to grab a map from the visitors center near the Napa General Store and head out on the art walk around downtown. Here is all the information.


  • About a mile and a half of walking
  • Free
  • 9-10 pieces which change every two years.

Getting There

I would recommend starting near the Napa General Store, which has a large parking lot and which has two art pieces that you can start with. This is also a convenient area to get back to when you finish the art walk.

The Art Walk

The Napa Art walk came about through the work of the City of Napa and Arts Council of Napa Valley. Giving back to the arts and encouraging businesses to add art into their builds has been a big push in the city. You can see art pieces all over town, even those that are not associated with the art walk themsevlves, such as the dancing feet that are popular along the Riverfront Promenade.

Here are some of the art pieces you will see along the walk, but remember that they change every two years so they may be different when you go.

The first thing you will see outside of Napa General Store is the large mural under the silos that tells the story of Napa and its river. This was a really cool piece and one that I enjoyed seeing.

Next to it there is Solar Flare by Patricia Vader, which is a a unique piece made of bike rims.

From there you get to walk along the river and can see the large fish that looks like it is jumping in the river. It is not part of the art walk but it is cool to see.

As you weave back into the city from the river, you will come to the Bone Totem by Eileen Fitz-Faulkner.

This leads to Treasures from the Sea by LT Mustardseed which was probably my favorite as it was fun with its unique parts all combining to form a fish.

Across the street is Bogenbinder by Mikey Kelly which was fun to see in the fading light.

Next to this is the Napa 9/11 Memorial which I would recommend you check out as well as it is a beautiful memorial in the city.

The last piece that I enjoyed on the Napa Art Walk was the squirrel down near the new Archer Hotel. This was a very abstract squirrel but it was fun to see and looked like it was darting out in traffic.

The art walk in downtown Napa is a great way to get to know the city’s downtown while being active and I loved walking around and finding them all. Check it out if you are visiting and let me know what you think in the comments.

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