Gordon Huether Art Studio in Napa

Gordon Huether is a famous artist based in Napa that does large-scale installation pieces for schools, corporations, cities, etc.  His pieces are incredibly impressive, and you may have even seen a few around the USA at an airport or park. He was the one that made the 9/11 memorial in downtown Napa which is well done, and when you are in Napa, you can visit his studio if you want to see his work up close and personal. It small, but it is worth the stop. Here is all the information.


  • Free
  • Hours: M-F: 9 AM – 4 PM, closed weekends.
  • Location: 1821 Monticello Rd, Napa, CA 94558

Getting There

From Soscol Ave in downtown Napa, you will head north to Trancas St and turn right. This street becomes Highway 121 and about a mile and a half down on the right you will see the studio. There is a small parking lot, and it wasn’t that busy when I went.

The Studio

The studio features a few of the larger pieces outside, and I would recommend walking around and checking them out before heading in.

My favorite was the large yellow hand, but it is a popular piece so it may have moved by the time you visit.

As you head in, you will be greeted by a small one-room gallery with pieces all along the walls.

There are also lots of small-scale replicas of some of the larger pieces and ones that never got made in the back hallway.

I went on a tour with a group, so we got a chance to meet Gordon and learn more about the art from the man himself, this is not a normal experience at the studio though.

One of the best things about visiting is that if you are spending some time in Napa, you will see some mockups of art you can see around the city. The most notable is the fork that is outside of the culinary institute in Downtown Napa.

I for one like seeing large-scale art like this. If you do as well, then check it out when you are in Napa.

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