Patrick Point State Park: Wedding Rock & Sumeg Indian Village

Patrick Point State Park is a park dedicated to recreating and preserving Native American history in this part of Northern California. They have a recreated village that still serves as a place for tribes to continue their traditions and a beautiful overlook called Wedding Rock that functions as a focal point for the park itself. If you are looking for a non-redwood park in this area of California, then I highly recommend Patrick Point State Park. Here is all the information.

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  • $8 to enter
  • Less than a mile of hiking
  • Information as of 2017

Wedding Rock

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My first stop in Patrick Point State Park was the beautiful wedding rock. Ever since the original caretaker of the park got married here in the early 20th century, it has become a destination for hundreds of couples each year to get married on the bluffs overlooking the water.

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The parking spot for this hike is in the back of the park on a well-marked trail. The trail starts at the small parking lot and proceeds down to the base of the rock. From here, the trail splits with one path going down to the beach and one that heads up to the rock. I recommend taking both.

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First, if you take the rock trail, you will climb up about 50 feet of elevation on well-worn steps.

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As soon as you get up to the top, you will see the cutouts of platforms that are etched into the rock and serve as a safe vantage point for the coastline below.

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Both ways you look are stunning. It really is a beautiful place to see the California coast.

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If you are feeling brave, you can scramble to the top of the rock to get a 360-degree view. If you do this, make sure to be safe though, as the rocks can be slippery.

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The Beach

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After heading down from the rock, I recommend splitting off to the beach below. The way the rocks jut out of the coastline and waves crash onto them is awe-inspiring.

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There is a big rock that the trail leads to, and my wife and I just sat and watched the angry sea attack the rocks for 20 minutes. 

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When I was there, the weather was very overcast, but I imagine this area being magical at sunrise or sunset. 

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I can’t wait to go back to this spot again, and I highly recommend the Wedding Rock Trail.

Sumeg Village

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After hiking back from the beach and Wedding Rock, be sure to stop by the recreated village in the back of the park.

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This area is meticulously kept up and has a lot of structures that were built to show what life was like here for the Native Americans of the area. 

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They have these underground huts that are super unique, and I found it hard to believe that they could keep the water from coming into the huts themselves.

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Also, there is a big wooden log that shows the before and after of the canoes they carved. The canoes are beautiful, and I can’t believe they actually floated.

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Lastly, there is a big theater in the center that can be used for programs. When I was there, no one else was in the area.

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All in all, this is a great place to explore and a fantastic coastal state park. Support the California State Parks system by heading out and seeing Patricks Point State Park on your next road trip and let me know what you think in the comments.

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